Dum Dum Girls, vulnerables en su nueva canción Dum Dum Girls, vulnerables en su nueva canción


Dum Dum Girls, Vulnerable In Their New Song

The Californians advance “Lord Knows”, from their coming EP

Little by little, it is becoming clear that Dum Dum Girls feel most comfortable with heated-up half-time music, as they are releasing more and more of these types of songs. The latest is “ Lord Knows”, that “regretful ballad” that Sub Pop has already told us will form a part of their coming EP, “ End Of Daze”, on sale from the 25th September. Dee Dee Penny’s voice is once again almost totally outstading, with echoing back-up voices that add the finishing touch. As the label say, the song is about “fear and missteps”, showing the Dum Dum girls at their most vulnerable.

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