Curren$y estrena un primer adelanto de su próximo álbum Curren$y estrena un primer adelanto de su próximo álbum


Curren$y Releases The First Single From His Coming Album

“What It Look Like” brings us the head of Jet Life in the company of Wale

Curren$y is going ahead with his unstoppable rhythm of work, no matter who or what gets in his way. A few days ago he sued Damon Dash, alleging that he never actually signed any legal contract with his label DD172 and that therefore the releases of Pilot Talk I (2010), Pilot Talk II (2010) and the very recent “Muscle Car Chronicles” (released last February after many delays) were made without his permission. His legal problems don’t keep him from making music like a man possessed, though. This year, we are expecting a third episode in the “Pilot Talk” series, an album produced entirely by Chuck Inglish, and another one in collaboration with The Alchemist. But first, “The Stoned Immaculate”, his first LP for Warner Bros, will be coming out, available from the 5th June. “What It Look Like” is the first single from that.

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