Chairlift, a la conquista del país del sol naciente Chairlift, a la conquista del país del sol naciente


Chairlift Conquering The Land Of The Rising Sun

Caroline Polachek sings in Japanese on a new version of “I Belong In Your Arms”

Anyone who's ever felt the itch of the record collector knows that the Japanese market is a gold mine of rarities and treasures. Different album sleeves, lyrics printed with kanjis, alternative tracklists, exclusive bonus tracks, special editions only available from stores in the land of the rising sun, you name it. Brooklynites Chairlift are aware of the trend of delivering bonus tracks to the passionate Japanese fan, but they go one step further, taking “I Belong In Your Arms” and re-recording it with Caroline Polachek singing in Japanese. And because of the special nature of the occasion, they even made a video for it. This calls for a heartfelt Arigatou gozaimasu.

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