Iggy Pop y Bethany Cosentino, juntos en “True Blood” Iggy Pop y Bethany Cosentino, juntos en “True Blood”


Iggy Pop And Bethany Cosentino, Together In “True Blood”

Listen to their collaboration, “Let’s Boot And Rally”

“True Blood” has always had good music, so it comes as no surprise that Iggy Pop and Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast would get together to record one of the songs on the soundtrack, and which we imagine will be played during the final credits of the episode that HBO will broadcast on Sunday. “ Let’s Boot And Rally” was co-written by James Combs and the DJ of KCRW, Gary Calamar - who is also the series’ musical supervisor, like he was years ago with “Six Feet Under” - showing us new and interesting bands episode after episode. This Southern rock cut, in which the Best Coast singer focuses on the choruses, fits in perfectly with the Bon Temps universe.

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