Ben Gibbard comparte “Teardrop Windows” Ben Gibbard comparte “Teardrop Windows”


Ben Gibbard Shares “Teardrop Windows”

First taste of his solo debut album

Some folks were wondering what direction Ben Gibbard would take on his solo debut. Let’s be more specific: people wanted to be surprised. But no, there are no big surprises, at least not in “Teardrop Windows”. The Death Cab For Cutie musician offers us a pleasant ration of folk-rock that shows his confessed influences (Gibbard has said that his initial vision was to make a song inspired by the Big Star sound) and which is said to be an homage to Seattle’s Smith Tower, a building that represents the things we take for granted when something newer, bigger and flashier comes into our lives”. Gibbard’s album, titled Former Lives, will be in shops on 15th October through City Slang (a few days later in the USA via Barsuk).

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