Baron Mordant y Ekoplekz son eMMplekz Baron Mordant y Ekoplekz son eMMplekz


Baron Mordant And Ekoplekz Are eMMplekz

Listen to three extracts from their joint album

“IZOD Days” is the title of the joint album made by Nick Edwards (alias Ekoplekz) and Ian Hicks (alias Baron Mordant) under the alias eMMplekz. Although so far details about it are scarce, we can already listen to three cuts from it, which range from harsh experimental digressions to a surprisingly delicate pop treat. The release date hasn’t been confirmed either, but keeping in mind that it is assigned the reference number 58 at Mordant Music, and that number 54 has yet to be released, we would guess that there are still a few weeks left until we’ll be able to get our hands on the record.


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