Ariel Pink se pone ligeramente 'sixties' en “Only In My Dreams” Ariel Pink se pone ligeramente 'sixties' en “Only In My Dreams” Top


Ariel Pink Gets Slightly “60s” In “Only In My Dreams”

A new advance from the anxiously-awaited new album, “Mature Themes”

About a month ago, we heard the first advance from the anxiously-awaited “Mature Themes”, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s new album. Although “ Baby” was irresistible, it’s true that many of us were left wanting a taste of something more than a faithful version of someone else’s song done with DâM-FunK. Well, now we can finally hear the first of the new songs written by Ariel Pink, “ Only In My Dreams”, a cut that at times shows us the more 60s side of Haunted Graffiti, as if The Byrds had slipped into the programming of an AOR radio station, with a few nods to bands like 10cc or Fleetwood Mac. You can download it free using the widget that we’ve left you underneath these lines.

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