Air France bajo el prisma de Memory Tapes Air France bajo el prisma de Memory Tapes


Air France According To Memory Tapes

Their “It Feels Good To Be Around You” remix released the same week the Swedish duo calls it quits

Earlier this week, Swedish duo Air France broke sadly broke up. “We have probably produced 7 albums since No Way Down; a UK Garage record, a house record, an r ‘n’ b record… but we’ve never been able to finish anything, nothing was ever good enough”, the two commented on their Tumblr, though they left the door open to a new start under a different name. Four days after that, Memory Tapes are presenting a classy disco-house remix of the group's It Feels Good To Be Around You”, to be released on 9th April as part of the compilation Valley Of The Dolls” on Something In Construction, which will only be available at Urban Outfitters.

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