Black Lips, With The Arc Del Triomf As Their Witness, Display Their Rabble-Rousing Garage-Rock At San Miguel Primavera Sound

This is the fourth of the six weekly capsules created by PlayGroundTV, with production by San Miguel, based on footage gathered from the Barcelona festival

This is the fourth capsule created by PlayGroundTV and San Miguel, from the images that their cameras gathered at San Miguel Primavera Sound 2012. Today, festival regulars Black Lips, onstage and backstage.

The review of the better and the best parts of San Miguel Primavera Sound 2012 continues with a new capsule (the fourth), taking over from the ones of The Drums, The Cure and Yann Tiersen that we have presented in recent weeks. Now it’s time to focus on one of the festival’s regular bands, Black Lips, and their out-of-hand garage-rock. PlaygroundTV’s cameras followed the Atlanta group both backstage, where they enthusiastically asked how many people were expected this year and recalled the different places where they had performed other years. Later, the action took place onstage, where they offered an incendiary performance of “Not A Problem”, from “Let It Bloom” (In The Red, 2005). If for some reason you missed their performance at the incomparable location of the Arc del Triomf, here you have a second chance to see them in action.

We would like to take advantage of the opportunity to remind you that these six capsules - two of which have yet to be released, and which you will find here in the coming days - are also an accessory and an advance for the documentary film “Primavera”, focused on San Miguel Primavera Sound, with production by San Miguel, Primavera Sound and PlayGroundTV. It will premiere at the end of September, when we will present the first of the four chapters that it is divided into here, on this portal. To give you an idea of what awaits you, we recommend that you watch the trailer that we released as an advance a few weeks ago.

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