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The Marzipan ManPhotograph by Maite Colomar.

There’s a buzz about the new material by The Marzipan Man. The people want to know what Jordi Herrera is going to do on his upcoming album, his second, a curiosity initiated in Palma de Mallorca and that’s now spread worldwide. As we’ve told you, Rough Tradestores are waiting impatiently for his new songs, and they’ll have them soon. On 9th May, “The Marzipan Man Adventures” will be released by Primeros Pasitos, but here you can listen to it in its entirety, exclusively, a week before the big day (and two months before his performance at FIB 2011). Jordi himself adds some cryptic and poetic comments. Side A

1. “The Start”Our hero(ine) has escaped from a cell made in a rock. A rock in the middle of the sea. After drinking a potion. He/she found herself among the people he/she met afterwards, that was at the start … {mp3}01 The Start{/mp3}

2. “I'm Free After All”I’m free, after everything, and this might be a second part, a second chance, a new life. Before, when I was alive, I was complaining too much... {mp3}02 Im free after all{/mp3}

3. “Hypnotized”To be in love is to be hypnotised, among other things. We go around and around in an area on the outskirts of a spiral galaxy, which maintains us, if we want to, hypnotised, and the sun never really sets... {mp3}03 Hypnotized{/mp3}

4. “When Little Johanna Dances”A love story carefully planned in heaven, a girl who is like a recurring dream. The day Johanna arrives at school and she’s almost a woman the students, enchanted, start failing their tests. {mp3}04 When little Johanna dances{/mp3}

5. “Life Goes On”Invoices that occupy every space of a house in a can of sardines, dodgy professors, life goes on, the mice don’t like their new house mate and they should have been consulted, because they were living there before you were. What good times we had in the trees, when we were monkeys. {mp3}05 Life goes on{/mp3}

6. “Dirty And Rough”(Beat him up and leave him half dead.) And if there were a bad guy in this film: 100% sure. And what if you were a samurai and the river of life would run better without him... and you could kill him? And what if your destiny were to kill him, and what if you and I were Bonnie and Clyde? {mp3}06 Dirty and rough{/mp3}

Side B

7. “Dresden Dolls”The Dresden Dolls were three, they dreamt the future and they painted it on the walls with charcoal and wax. They took turns so that they wouldn’t be asleep all at the same time. Their dreams scared them. Who painted these walls? The Dresden Dolls. {mp3}07 Dresden dolls{/mp3}

8. “The Old Man And The Young Man”The fear of emptiness, the deceit of security. And what if everything is written, and what if there’s only one way? And what if only God’s children know their place? Ugh, what a nightmare... {mp3}08 The old man and the young man{/mp3}

9. “Owen Ogre”Owen the Ogre was bad, his soul a bottomless pit full of tar. But he had no remorse, he danced... In church he would stand in a corner and curse... His father and mother were lambs of Jesus. {mp3}09 Owen ogre{/mp3}

10. “The Big Bad Wolf”One Sunday in the park, the victory over the big, bad, domesticated wolf, transformed into a dog, is celebrated with a spell written in the stars..

{mp3}10 The big bad wolf{/mp3}

11. “Luve Misspelt”Your love is spelled wrong, and your best friend is a Hollywood star you have never met. But he/she is in your Facebook friends list... {mp3}11 Luve misspelt{/mp3}

12. “A Spirit”I don’t know what he’s done for the sun to set here... A spirit has fallen in love with you and has found a way to your heart.

{mp3}12 A spirit{/mp3}

The Marzipan Man will be appearing at FIB 2011. The Festival will take place from 14 th to 17th July in Castellón, Valencia in Spain. Tickets are on sale here. We present the audio stream of the new album by Balearic songwriter Jordi Herrera, The Marzipan Man. Experience for yourself if the hype is to be believed. You’ll see that it is.

The Marzipan Man Adevntures “The Marzipan Man Adventures”

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