Techno With Disturbing Atmospheres: We Bring You Monoloc’s Debut Album Exclusively

The Frankfurt producer makes his full-length debut on CLR, Chris Liebing’s label, and finally reaches creative maturity

We are the first to bring you one of the most interesting techno albums slated for release at the end of this year, exclusively. It is the debut album from Monoloc, a young Frankfurt producer who handles himself with ease among heavy atmospheres filled with dub and industrial efforts. Released by CLR, Chris Liebing’s label.

Monoloc isn’t a newcomer. The Frankfurt DJ and producer has been honing his sharp approach to techno for nearly five years on releases for labels like Smallroom Music, Synewave and CLR. But it hasn’t been until now that his vision has reached the point of maturity necessary for making an album. So it’s no surprise that the sound of “Drift” (CLR, 2012), his debut for the platform headed by Chris Liebing, shows a diversity and depth that goes far beyond mere fuel for clubbers. Opening the door to new styles and incorporating nuances ranging from industrial music to noisy ambient-drone, including tortuous house, Monoloc has created nine cuts dominated by oppressive atmospheres, implacable rhythms, ghostly vocals and an obscurantist vocation. A succession of desolate landscapes invoking primary forces to shake the soul.

Recorded over the last year and half, Berliner Daniel Wilde collaborated on three of its cuts and it was mixed by Chris Liebing himself. Coinciding with its release, slated for 2nd November – Fridays are the official release date for Germany, like Mondays for England and Tuesdays for the United States — Monoloc offers us his brief observations about the album that you can listen to here and now, exclusively and in its entirety. It’s clear that he agrees with the saying, “it’s better to let the music speak for itself”.

1. Mind

It's with my own vocal on it. I thought it's good to start the album with this track.

2. Try

The last track that I produced for the album, with an occasional female vocal sample.

3. It's Mine

One of my favourite tracks with Daniel Wilde; we produced it together in Frankfurt. An industrial track with male vocal and deep, dark drones

4. Things

One of the first tracks that I finished for the album, pounding broken beats over assorted mechanical noise.

5. When I Get Older

Second track with Daniel Wilde, produced in his studio. Flittering percussion, crashing cymbals and Wilde's vocals.

6. Pblc

One of my experiments; I love the vibe, a soulful male voice sample in dub-house tempo.

7. About

I don't know who influenced me when I produced this track, but it has a biggg bassdrummm…

8. NoOutro

Seems to be like an outro…

9. It's A Shame

Produced with Daniel Wilde in Berlin, for me it's a perfect last album track, industrial dark-wave.

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