An Encounter Between Yann Tiersen And Gaudí During San Miguel Primavera Sound

The French composer and his band visit Casa Batlló in the third capsule produced by San Miguel and directed by PlayGroundTV

The third of the visual capsules that we filmed at San Miguel Primavera Sound has arrived, showing you unknown aspects of the festival. Today we sit with Yann Tiersen in a jewel of Barcelona Modernism, Gaudí’s Casa Batlló.

Yann Tiersen played at the last San Miguel Primavera Sound 2012: he was one of the stars of the free concert in the rain that got thousands of people wet at Arc de Triomf. Thanks to the stars, it’s always calm after a storm. And what better way to verify this popular saying than to take the French composer and his band to Casa Batlló, to experience the Modernist furniture housed in this must-see pilgrimage site for tourists and lovers of Gaudí’s architecture. Playground TV was there with its curious camera, giving you the opportunity to experience this magical moment outside of the public eye.

This third capsule, after the first featuring The Drums and the second starring The Cure, is an advance for “Primavera”; the documentary film about the festival produced by San Miguel and PlayGroundTV, which will premiere on the website at the end of September. If you want to enjoy a little advance of the work, we remind you that here you have the trailer that we released a few weeks ago.

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