The Best New Tracks Of May According To PlayGround

A countdown of our selection of this month’s songs

Here is our selection of the ten best tracks to have appeared on the Internet this month of May. Counting down from 10 to 1, a review of the freshest material playing on your iPod.

Our review of the month’s charts at PlayGround would not be complete without a selection of the ten best tracks that have appeared on the Internet in May, presaging astonishing singles, anxiously-awaited albums, or unexpected surprises. So let’s get down to it.

10. Julio Bashmore: “Au Seve”

“Fast cars, money, but no record label to truly call my own? This ends today...”, this is how Julio Bashmore presents Broadwalk Records, his new recording platform. To inaugurate his new recording venture, the Bristol performer will release Au Seve”, an overwhelming track that “heralds a new era in the Julio Bashmore chronicles, with a sound that shall echo through the ages .” Released on 2nd June, it does indeed sound like an instant classic.

9. Gold Panda: “Mountain”

Rather by surprise, a new single has just come out from Gold Panda, his first release since the arrival of his “ DJ-Kicks” last fall. The 7” contains Mountain, a delicious electronic fantasy that smacks of dusk and Eastern tradition (Japan and its folklore on the horizon), and “Financial District”, with a more lo-fi atmosphere and undulating synths. The latter offers an unstable pitch, which at times takes it in the direction of the imagery of a more tender, childlike version of Boards Of Canada (sort of like Boards Of Canada meets gallifantes). Available already at on-line shops. The 7” will be out on 11th June.

8. Four Tet: “Jupiters”

Kieran Hebden has release number 15 ready for his label Text Records. We have already heard a fragment of its B-side, “Ocoras”, one of the songs on his “ Conference of the Birds Mix”. Now it’s time for Jupiters, a cut that rides the edge of ambient techno with plenty of arpeggios and a cosmic quality, dazzling and flashy. It later turns to triple-time rhythms, combining the groove of house and the depth of bass dynamics, oscillating between garage and dubtec. Another jewel comes out of the Four Te t factory.

7. Pariah: “Signal Loss”

Pariah has taken his time when it comes to continuing on after his brilliant Safehouses EP, but it’s worth the wait. Two of the three cuts that make up his upcoming Rift EP for R&S are already on his SoundCloud site, and they both do him justice. Signal Loss places its bets on gentle timbres and textures, with an emotionalism somewhere between nostalgic and serene, springing up from a piano of few words and voices full of rain, floating down among synthetic garlands and post-dubstep rhythms. The recording will be in the shops as of 11th June.

6. Yeasayer: “Henrietta”

Some days ago, Yeasayer announced that they would be getting back in the ring with new songs, although they didn’t give much specific information about a hypothetical third album. Now “Henrietta” has come to our ears, a song that the New York band sent on CD to the fans subscribed to their list. The piece starts out in the area of synthetic pop with a touch of funk, then later shifts towards darker sounds, with a bit of distortion and a rupture in the middle that leads into a masterful outro dominated by the subtle picking of a bass. They’re back with their batteries charged up.

5. DIIV: “Doused”

Keeping up the unstoppable pace of his production, Zachary Cole Smith - one of the blokes from Beach Fossil s - has shared a new single from his project Dive; or we should say, the project previously known as Dive, because from now on we are supposed to refer to this group as DIIV. The new song, Doused, has few vocal fragments, perhaps so that the wonderful guitars will sound even clearer. It’s impossible to get the strumming out of your head. Remember that Captured Tracks will release their debut album, “Oshin”, on 26th June.

4. Oneohtrix Point Never: “I Only Have Eyes For You”

Oneohtrix Point Never is one of the musicians invited to participate in the Happening of American visual artist Doug Aitken’s project “SONG 1”. The installation revolves around the re-contextualising of the pop standard I Only Have Eyes For You, a song that artists like Nicolas Jaar, No Age , High Places and Tim McAfee-Lewis will reformulate live. As a preview for the event, Daniel Lopatin shared his revision: focused on alien vocal tracks and a sweetly gloomy background, the song subverts the nature of the original composition, while keeping all of its magic intact.

3. Björk: “Virus (Hudson Mohawke Peaches and Guacamol Rework)”

At this stage of the game, you must know perfectly well that the third in a series of remixes of “ Biophilia” (One Little Indian, 2010) will have the remix that El Guincho did of Björk’s “Cosmogony” on the A-side. But the B-side will contain this lovely reinterpretation that Scotsman Hudson Mohawke has done of Virus. The song has been available since 14th May on One Little Indian.

2. Animal Collective: “Honeycomb”

At Domino they seem to want to avoid inflated expectations regarding Animal Collective’s new work. They sprang the announcement of the release of a new Animal Collective single on us, and you could already listen to it when the announcement was made. Moreover, although the single won’t physically be available (on a 7” vinyl) in the shops until 26th June, the two songs on it are already available in digital format. So you see, there’s been no promotional snowballing with praise of it, teasers, previews lasting just a few seconds… none of that. Animal Collective has chosen to lay their cards on the table.

1. Teengirl Fantasy: “Motif”

Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi’s association with R&S is beginning to bear fruit. The continuation of “ 7 AM” (True Panther/Merok, 2010) is announced for sometime this summer, but starting today we can begin to enjoy “Motif”, seven glorious minutes of mutant house, with changeable shapes and rhythmic accents. It is seasoned with harmonies somewhere between the psychedelic and the cosmic, and will see the light as the A-side of a 12” that will be out on the 25th. The B-side will consist of a second new song from Teengirl Fantasy, “Eternal”, and a remix of “Motif” by Actress. We’re drooling already.

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