BFlecha: “Qvasi Naves” Stream

Premiere of the new EP by the First Lady of the Arkestra collective

As an appetiser for the C.A.L.O.R. Party next Friday at Siroco in Madrid, we're offering the full and exclusive stream of “Qvasi Naves”. It’s the second EP by BFlecha, due out in the next few days on Arkestra.

On 23rd March C.A.L.O.R. returns, the party night by Arkestra and Desparrame where the Spanish capital can shake its booty to the richest rhythms of the bass underground: grime, garage and electro to death. Next C.A.L.O.R.'s bill, at the Siroco club in Madrid, features Kigo & Ho$oi, Mwëslee, Noaipre and BFlecha - who will be the big star of the evening, as she'll premiere her new tracks on stage, from her new EP, “Qvasi Naves”.

We hadn't heard from BFlecha (or Belén Vidal, as the First Lady of the Arkestra label and collective is really called) since the release of her first single, the 10” vinyl entitled “Ceja De Carnival / Kosmic Lovers” (the first reference of the label, back in 2010). She has some new material ready: three tracks on which she once again masterfully connects the dots between 80s electronic pop and modern bass music, with an emphasis on electro and 2step, plus a UK garage remix by Noaipre. We've secured the privilege to premiere them for you. In collaboration with Arkestra, we bring you the full and exclusive stream of this 12”, due out a week from now on vinyl and digital (internationally distributed by Rush Hour). Furthermore, BFlecha herself comments on them, track by track.

1. Qvasi Naves

“The EP title refers to the Latin expression ‘tempus fugit, sicut nubes, quasi naves, velut umbra’; ‘time flies, like clouds, like vessels, like shadows'. I started on this song in 2010; it's more or less a continuation of “Ceja De Carnival”, though the vocals and the piano are a tribute to Chicago house.

The video is in the vein of the EP title, it's a fragment from the 1963 film “Cleopatra”, picturing her entrance in Rome, a scene of almost ten minutes. When I saw it, I liked what it stood for: the idea of grandeur, of taking time over things, like in the old days. Doing things in that way is a good way to make them last.”

2. Razas Salvajes

“This one's from the same time as “Qvasi Naves”. Though here, the influence of hip-hop is more present, the lyrics are in debt to Spanish pop groups: early Luz Casal, Ciudad Jardín, Tino Casal...”

3. Salacot

“This is the most recent track, it's more dance floor orientated, but at the same time it's intimate; like a Thomas Newman song for the dance floor. The vocal melodies are influenced by modern R&B, R Kelly, Ciara, The-Dream... There are some house references as well. The diva house vocals represent positivity, strength, and the lyrics talk about that, of not fearing oneself.”

4. Salacot (Noaipre Remix)

“As the tune was rather introspective, we thought we'd get a remix that is the complete opposite. To keep things in the family, we asked Noaipre - who gave us this tribute to the Confetti and Tuff Jam school - as a perfect counterpoint to the original.”


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