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Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman are one of the cult couples of the retro-futurist scene who do their thing with Kraut rock, cosmic disco and electronic library music. Obsessive collectors of rarities, and DJs with oblique tastes, every time Zombie Zombie, recommend something you can be sure it’s going to be brilliant. We asked them for a list of songs that never leave their DJ bags or iPods, and this is what we got back: an impeccable selection that explains why their two albums to date – “A Land For Renegades” (Versatile, 2008) and “Plays John Carpenter” (Versatile, 2010)– are as good as they are. Ready for take-off?

1. Chloé: “Diva”

2. Hot Chip: “One Life Stand (Carl Craig’s PCP Remix)”

3. Caribou: “Sun”

4. Wooden Shijps: “Contact”

5. Darween Deez: “Constellation”

6. Turzi: “Baltimore”

7. I:Cube: “Mérovingiennes”

8. Discodeine: “Singular feat. Matias Aguayo”

9. Max Berlin: “Elle Et Moi (Joakim Remix)”

10. Black Angels: “Bad Vibrations”

If you’re all for that incestuous mix of Kraut Rock and disco music, be sure to check out the hit list made by Zombie Zombie: it’s aimed at making the mind and legs to start flying.

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