Your Road Map For San Miguel Primavera Sound, Part 1

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If you're curious about hypes and wish to see if they're worth the fuss - and you happen to be going to San Miguel Primavera Sound - here's ten proposals for you. Get out your felt tip pen.

If you're one of the curious lot, wanting to see the hype to know if they're worth it or if it's all a big joke, get out your felt tip pen now. Here's ten of the emerging artists playing at the Fòrum at San Miguel Primavera Sound (31st May to 2nd June) for the first time, and you can't afford to miss any of them. Many of these names are new or started to make waves recently, so most of them are still developing: don't expect an epiphany with their live shows. But you might just be pleasantly surprised. Here's the roadmap we propose to you, ten names in three days, and easy to use in combination with the other itineraries we're going to offer you in the coming days.

1. Purity Ring

Thursday, 31st May. Pitchfork Stage. 18:15h.

Just in case the electronic underground of Canada wasn't on the map yet, 4AD is releasing “Shrines”, the first album by Purity Ring, on 24th July. We haven't been able to hear a lot of their music yet, but we can tell you theirs is a synthetic brand of pop that embraces both witch house and hardcore. All in all, for their full-length debut we expect songs influenced by 90s R&B, dream-pop and modern hip-hop. The Parc del Fòrum will be an ideal stage to get to know them.



Thursday, 31st May. Pitchfork Stage. 19:30h.

If you want to start your San Miguel Primavera Sound 2012 burning some sole and getting bruises on you torso, this is the one for you. ICEAGE is a post-adolescent four-piece from Denmark who mix-up punk, hardcore and gothic. Their album, “New Brigade”, twelve tracks in 24 minutes of pure rawness, was one of the best debuts of 2011.

White Rune

3. Grimes

Thursday, 31st May, Pitchfork Stage. 20:30h

Though her live shows usually harvest mixed feelings, with the sparkling “Visions”, it looks like Grimes has won the battle either way. And if her brilliant, elf-like pop songs weren't enough, videos like “Oblivion” confirm that Claire Boucher has this charisma, between naive and odd, that goes down so well in the indie galaxy. High expectations.

4. Dominant Legs

Thursday, 31st May. Vice Stage. 00:15h.

Incredibly classy pop with echoes from the 80s. Former Girls member Ryan Lynch and keyboardist Hannah Hunt took the best from the shoulder pads age in the late summer of 2011 for their album “Invitation” (Lefse, 2011). Influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Aztec Camera and Mazzy Star, the Californians made honesty the reason for being. We can't think of a better way to enjoy their live show than under the starry Barcelona sky.

5. A$AP Rocky

Thursday, 31st May, Pitchfork Stage, 1:45h

Looks like A$AP Rocky and his crew's gig is going to be reminding us of the volcanic Odd Future show last year. Though their sound is more relaxed and narcotic, their live shows seem to be highly energetic, including crowd surfing and people going berserk. Already a heavyweight in modern hip-hop, he only needs to certify his status as potential megastar. Alongside Danny Brown, this is the gig no head should miss.

6. Dirty Beaches

Friday, 1st June. Pitchfork Stage. 19:15h.

Dirty Beaches is the stage name Taipei-born Canadian Alex Zhang Hungtai uses to sign his music, which could easily serve as the soundtrack to any David Lynch flick. Often described as a cross between Suicide and Elvis Presley, his debut album “Badlands” became one of the best-kept secrets of 2011. Last summer he played in Europe for an extremely limited audience, so this is the ideal occasion to see the man live - solo on the mic, guitar and pedals.


7. I Break Horses

Friday, 1st June. ATP Stage. 20:30h.

With the shoegaze boom now on its way back, there are still plenty of bands ready to revive the sound. Like Swedish duo I Break Horses, who last summer released their first album “Hearts” on Bella Union, featuring some icy songs reminiscent of bands like Slowdive, Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine. The warm voice of Maris Lindén is the perfect company for your late afternoon, getting you up in the clouds for the night.


Friday, 1st June, Pitchfork Stage. 1:30h

Last year, one of the big surprises was the debut album by masked man Aaron Jerome, alias SBTRKT. Who could resist bubbly songs like “Hold On”, “Wildfire” and “Pharaohs”? The Briton oscillates between house, UK garage, pop and bass music with magnetic results. Not content with doing the typical laptop set, SBTRKT does his live shows with Sampha on vocals and keys, and himself on drums and samples. It gives the whole an organic vibe that, in a context like this, will definitely give them the advantage with the festival crowd.


9. araabMUZIK

Friday, 1st June, Pitchfork Stage. 2:45h

You only need to see the countless videos on YouTube to know that attending an araabMUZIK gig is quite the experience. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that his thing defies the laws of nature. The fastest fingers since Billy The Kid will come to the Fórum ready to butcher the two MPCs he always brings with him. His incendiary beats - between epic trance and the rudest hip-hop - the hour and chemistry will do the rest.

10. The Weeknd

Saturday, 2nd June, Pitchfork Stage. 00:30h

The Weeknd's gig is, by far, one of the main attractions of the festival. The fact that this will be his first ever European performance only raises the expectations for an artist whose three glorious mixtapes made him one of the main champions of the new R&B. His gig at Coachella got all kinds of responses. Will his concert be as good as everyone expects? We'll be there to see it.


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