When Saints Go Machine

Songs to be embittered to

When Saints Go Machine

Danish band When Saints Go Machine go all morbid on us, reminding us of their debut album “Konkylie” (!K7, 2011) by giving us a list stuffed with sadness and disillusionment. The dark side is part of their electronic pop, so we’re not about to deny them the opportunity to select ten songs, which according to them are ideal for turning your back on this cruel world. They stress there would be a tag line above the playlist: “If you felt like letting someone else have the last word, or saying nothing at all”, and the menu consists of a good mix of rock, folk and chamber pop, seemingly at opposed poles (although we know it’s not true) from their synth sound. It’s a depressing list, but it needs to be done. Don’t hold back now.

1. Bob Dylan: “A Hard Rain’s A - Gonna Fall”

2. The Housemartins: “Flag Day”

3. Townes Van Zandt: “Waiting Around To Die”

4. Scott Walker: “The Girls And The Dogs”(Listen here)

5. Cass McCombs: “One Way To Go”

6. Nick Drake: “Way To Blue”

7. Düreforsøg: “Smile”

8. Vashti Bunyan: “Glow Worms”

9. Nick Cave: “Henry Lee”

10. Shugo Tokumaru: “Metrion”

Coinciding with the release of their first album, the Danish electronic pop group gives you a list filled with infinite sadness. It sounds dramatic, but the final tracklist is exciting.

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