Tinie Tempah

Five pieces of clothing, five rappers

Tinie Tempah

2. Shirts .Only if they’re of the Swedish ACNE brand.

3. Jeans .At present, my legs only accept the latest Levi’s vintage model.

4. Black bomber jacket .Black suits me.

5. Sunglasses .They always add the finishing touch to your image, to look really well.

6. Kanye West.He’s a genius, my major inspiration: he sings, raps, produces. He is amazing.

7. Jay-Z.My other great influence. I envy his longevity, his importance, that’s lasted for almost two decades already.

8. Lil Wayne.From Lil Wayne I have learned you can say anything you want as long as you make it sound good. And he taught me to fight hard.

9. Nas.You have never heard a better lyricist.

10. Eminem.I envy his way of saying things, his energy.

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