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Top ten Vienna cafés

Tin Man

In the meantime, Tin Man shares a secret with us: his favourite coffee houses in Vienna. In his own words: “Vienna is famous for cafes. However, the coffee is usually overpriced and not too good. Also, the waiters are notoriously grumpy. People go to cafes more to socialize and read from the free papers and magazines provided there or to just kill a few hours. Café culture rose in the time before central heating. Apparently, there were laws made giving people the right to sit as long as they would want to.” These are his favourite spots.

Famous charming small family run café with famous sweet Buchteln after 10pm. Also, just across the street from the mini-sandwich haven Trzesniewski. And yes, this is the Vienna Café that Kraftwerk was talking about in the song “Trans Europe Express”! Dorotheergasse, 6

The famous longwinded Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard hung out here. It is located halfway between Hawelka and Central should you be making a café tour. Stallburggasse, 2

Looks more like a cathedral than Café. The cakes and food are excellent. They have piano music later in the day. I recommend the Crème Schnitte or Strüdel. Herrengasse, 14

Yet another classic first district Café. It is located near my favourite ice cream shop. There is also a mini-bowling alley downstairs. Brandstätte, 9

This lands on my regular route. It is next to the art academy that denied Hitler. They denied me too, twice! Gumpendorferstraße, 11

Just across from Wesbahnhof. A nice destination if you are arriving by early morning train. You can step directly into a classic café. Mariahilfer Straße, 128

Aida is a local, mostly pink, chain Café. The original idea was for a take-away coffee shop. But, people here insist on sitting for hours in cafes. Aida is always full with little old ladies in big hats getting their sugar fix.

Schönthalergasse, 1

If you visit the Palace Shönbrunn and hike up the hill in the gardens behind you may as well stop at the Gloriette. I jog by there, and when people visit from out of town, I usually stop there. Schlosspark Schönbrun

More a bar than a café, but the mood is chill like a café. I’m there Sunday nights for Detroit and Leftfield techno. And I also DJ there too. Handelskai, 26

Runners up

Alt Wien – Eiles - Hümmel PlayGround is a media Partner of Unsound Tin Man knows how to squeeze the best acid house sounds of these times out of his machines, as he were preparing fresh orange juice. But it’s not OJ he’s interested, it’s coffee. So here goes this list of his ten favourite coffee houses in Vienna..

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