The Marzipan Man

My favourite plants

The Marzipan Man

It's not really a list, what The Marzipan Man sent us. He loves plants and he wanted to select his favourites from the ones he has on his terrace at his home in Mallorca, but the thing is, he hasn't got ten - there are fewer, though he loves them equally. So instead of counting them, he explains each one of them, in no particular order but giving an idyllic and precious impression of his botanical refuge. There are two things you need to know about Jordi Herrera, if you haven't yet heard his music: firstly, he's a singer-songwriter making absolutely delicious pop-folk who has just released his second album, “The Marzipan Man Adventures”, on Primeros Pasitos; and secondly, this weekend he'll be performing at FIB 2011. Now for an overdose of herbs.

8, 9 and 10. Where was I? The Geranias are three and the cactuses I count as one, so I've got eight and there's only two left and we're off to bed. There's one I keep to myself and the others are sunflowers, and when I see them painted, I rest assured. I like them painted with their backs to the sun, they like looking good on the painting.

The Marzipan Man will be appearing at Festival Internacional de Benicàssim 2011. You can get your tickets here.

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