Ten Memes To Understand What A Meme Is

A weekly selection of intelligent, uncouth humour that circulates on the Internet

Memes are invading the Internet and giving rise to a new type of humour - sometimes savage, at other times conceptual, almost always cruel - that says a great deal about who we are and the world we live in. Here we list and explore the best memes (and soon there will be more).

Wikipedia says that a meme is “a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, or other imitable phenomena”.

The language of the Internet is bastardised and it needs these anchors to concentrate a lot of information and give it a new meaning. Of course, not all memes are funny, and obviously not all of them are a photograph with a text. However, what I would like to do is to introduce you to the world of the basic meme; the meme that gives so many people laughs.

Understand this list as a means to quickly provide you with the context to understand later ones; where you will find a selection of the best current memes. The ones presented below are already classics, totems, I would say.

1. Redneck Randal

One of the most harshly satirised is the typical redneck or “white trash”. This concept comes down hard on the low standards of this infamous, patent-perfect model of the ignorant stupid American. There is so much bile dripped on the fabric of the Confederate flag that you just can’t help roaring with laughter.

2. Inmature High Schoolers

The enormous merit of this relatively new meme is how well it shows what imbeciles almost all males in the throes of puberty are; the entire world over. It’s that period when “gay” is an insult, yet the main topic of conversation is the cock (or, at least, everything ends up leading to that subject). The time when masturbation is an amazing new discovery and a cleavage has a magnetic force field. The sheer number of hormones bustling around, trying to get out, prompts loud voices and big laughs over any idiotic thing vaguely related to sex.

3. College Liberal

We all know some similar lost soul: an upstart, full of solidarity, in a constant state of social tantrum. Twitter is full of them, and so are universities. Without losing respect for the causes that these people defend, one can easily have a good laugh at their contradictions - and their biased information that leads them to take very strong positions regarding whatever it is. This is the Instagram, the real Facebook Status assembly members. They are the other extreme of vandals: the “beautiful people” of activism.

4. First World Problems

We are very busy people doing very important things. Everything is “very”. This is why we suffer so much and we are so unlucky. Our time is worth its weight in petroleum and any mistake that can’t be solved with a click or a credit card just makes us miserable. Long live the individual, long live personal blogs, long live your online reputation and having everything easy. We are the first-world idiots and this meme in all of its variations is huge. Embarrassment-laughter, denial-guffaw.

5. Third World Success

In answer to “First-World Problems” came this jewel, where satire reaches heavenly levels. The Internet is implacable and as there is rule #34, there is also the rule that you can always find a joke about any subject that matters to you. This meme, which is not suited to people without a sense of humour, is one of the sharpest as far as the self-criticism of Western culture goes. The level of laughter that it causes is equal to the amount of guilt building up in your eyes. Which leads us to the next case...

6. What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

Be careful, all kinds of monsters live on the Internet. And so do the monsters that the monsters have nightmares about. If “2 girls 1 cup” or “Goatse” means something to you, you already know what I’m talking about. I’ve lost hair browsing around Rotten Tomatoes or by being contacted by some tortured BME dick. Those of you who have ever tried Chatroulette can understand me perfectly. I wish we could “un-see”. Now I’m going to go cry for a while, I feel dirty.

7. Scumbag Steve

Here we’re talking about something big. The “boss” of memes based on characters. There are as many versions of Scumbag Steve as there are of The Beatles’ “Yesterday”. This super-famous meme works for getting your own back on that freeloading, cretin, mindless clown that we have all been unfortunate enough to have in our group, party, or class some time. Fucking creeps, why do they exist?

8. Stoned guy o [10] Guy

I love this guy. I love him and moreover, I want to have him always sitting on my sofa when I come home. The logic of a mind dipped in THC is unfathomable, and the stories that come from him are always hilarious. There should be a TV channel where this meme and all versions of it are on 24 hours a day. I personally recommend a daily dose to alleviate any gloomy mood. It doesn’t matter how many times you see it, it’s always good.

9. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

The man who always looks great in the middle of a run is called Zeddie Little (yes, Zeddie) and two months ago, nobody had ever heard of him. Since he appeared on the cover of Reddit, his career has skyrocketed. His last public appearance was on Good Morning America, and his recently-inaugurated Twitter account @dkjasnfkjdnsjkf already has over 38,000 followers. I was going to say something mean about him, but I can’t think of anything. Isn’t he adorable?

10. Hipster Barista

You go to an outdoor café and you order a cup of coffee. You suddenly remember that you want it decaffeinated and you tell the waiter or waitress. Their reaction is immediate: a click of the tongue and a roll of the eyes. You have just ruined their day. These little sugar tyrants are really the next trendsetters and they don’t deserve such a lowly job. Displaced trendsetters who spit in your coffee, these people are very bitter about their lives.

And in the next episode: memes with animals.


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