My ten paradises


The artificial paradise is a concept thought up by Baudelaire. It’s where human beings can get away from daily stresses, where they can drown their sorrows and hide from reality. The artificial paradise is basically drugs and alcohol, but it can also be extended to anything else that makes us happy: animals, running, food. Anthony Child, better known as Surgeon, knows: happiness is in the small and close things, in the daily environment and special occasions. His most recent release is the astonishing “Breaking The Frame” (Dynamic Tension, 2011). Who would have thought, after hearing his string of releases where darkness and rage rule, that the Birmingham artist was a man addicted to happiness? But yes, it’s true, Surgeon doesn’t eat children nor does he walk the streets looking at people funny. He’s just an animal in the DJ booth (he’ll be tearing the roof off the sucker at the SónarClub stage at Sónar 2011). Outside of that, he likes things like the following.

Surgeon isn’t the beast some people think he is. The Birmingham producer likes simple and homely things that make him happy. Before he raises hell at Sónar, this is the happy list he’s sent us.

Surgeon will be appearing at Sónar Barcelonaon saturday June 18 at SónarClub stage. From 04:15h. to 05:45h. Tickets are on sale here.

Review: '' Breaking The Frame''

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