Sónar 2011

The best concerts

Sónar 2011

Sónar 2011 is over and it’s time to tally up at the final balance sheet. We’ve told you day by day what was happening, through our gig reports, but it still remains for us to bring some order to the chaotic mass of impressions. Of the more than 100 concerts we witnessed over three days, PlayGround staff have picked twenty, off the top of our heads, instinctively, the ones that made the biggest impact on us. Twenty artists (in alphabetical order and divided into live shows and DJs) who helped make it a marvellous weekend. These are our favourites, which are yours? Top Live Sets

1. Actress

2. Chris Cunningham

3. Cyclo

4. Die Antwoord

5. Global Communication

6. Holy Other

7. Hype Williams

8. Nicolas Jaar

9. Raime

10. Shangaan Electro

Top DJ Sets

1. Ángel Molina

2. Aphex Twin

3. David Rodigan

4. Deadboy

5. Floating Points

6. Jackmaster

7. L-Vis 1990 b2 Bok Bok

8. Munchi

9. Offshore

10. Pearson Sound

Sónar, Thursday: The first day of the event at the CCCB

Sónar, Friday: The night when Aphex Twin and M.I.A. gave us what we deserved Sónar, Saturday: A day to float on gas clouds and to have epileptic fits List: Sónar People 2011

Photos by: Tana Latorre, Juan Sala and Oscar García

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