Sónar 2011

Sónar people

Sónar 2011

Sónar 2011 is a day old and the CCCB is filled to the gills with people and music. The festival started in fine style yesterday in every way. And as you’ll know, to us the people are as important as the music they share, even more so at an event like Sónar which more than a festival is a total experience. This is, therefore, a tribute to those of you who are there: the PlayGround cameras have been walking around the site searching for the people giving colour and life to the whole. You can see them all in our Shots section, but here, in the form of a list, we give you a taste, a selection of ten fine boys and girls to give you another view of the event

PlayGround is a media partner of Sónar

At a festival, the people are as important as the music. Here we give you a selection of the stylish characters strutting their stuff at the CCCB site, enjoying the 2011 edition of Sónar.

Photo by Tana Latorre , Sergio Mendoza, Maxime Dodinetand Silvia López.

Sónar, Thursday: The first day of the event at the CCCB

Sónar, Friday: The night when Aphex Twin and M.I.A. gave us what we deserved

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