Sam Amidon

Top 10 things that happened in 2010

Sam Amidon

Sam Amidon is one of the purest spirits on the folk and Americana scene. His music sounds like it comes down from the top of the mountain and out of the other extreme, the prairie. He already has five albums in his discography, recorded between his home in Vermont and the Icelandic studio of Valgeir Sigurdsson, head of the Bedroom Community label. 2010 was a special year for this banjo playing conjurer of mysteries, not only because he released his most complete LP, “I See The Sign”, but also because of several things he will never forget. He has listed them for us. 1. Best albumMarc Ribot ‘Silent Movies’. One of the worlds greatest musicians makes a beautiful and introspective solo guitar record.

Marc Ribot - "The Kid"

2. Best beats with the worst rappingDrake ‘Thank Me Later’. What an annoying rapper! But such beautiful beats!

Drake - Fireworks Ft. Alicia Keys

3. Best book I readGustave Flaubert ‘Three Tales’. Oh shit, this shit will totally freak you out.

4. Second best book I readDashiel Hammett ‘The Thin Man’. Fun fun fun fun fun.

7. Best album not from 2010 that I heard for the first time this yearGrace Jones ‘Nightclubbing’. Holy shit that is a great record! Wow, she has force of personality. Grace Jones - Use Me

8. Best Sonny Rollins album, ever‘Way Out West’

Sonny Rollins - Way Out West

10. Second best album not from 2010 that I heard for the first time this yearJohn Lennon ‘Plastic Ono Band’ I had never heard that album before.

John Lennon- Well Well Well Sam Amidon remembers what 2010 meant to him and highlights ten moments he won’t forget, from the discovery of the Plastic Ono Band to his annoyance with Julian Assange.

I See The Sign

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