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R&B + Trance

Nobody has a convincing answer to the question why, both in the USA and in the UK, R&B and hip-hop have disappeared from the charts in favour of dance. David Guetta has become the most sought after producer of the moment –even more so after getting a Grammy for Best Remix for his rework of Madonna’s “Celebration” and having contributed, in the Dance category, to Rihanna’s victory with “Only Girl (In The World)”. It’s a known fact that commercial pop, far from innovating and betting on new values, lets itself be coaxed by anything that’s been successful before. Be that as it may, the phenomenon is among us and appears to lack an expiry date. So the best thing to do is not tear off our clothes, but to get into populism and sample this selection of men and women who, at some point in their lives, thought about going to Ibiza to rave.

1. Rihanna: “Only Girl (In The World)” After the fiasco of the tormented “Rated R” (Def Jam, 2009), on which she talked all about the bruises she received from social paria Chris Brown, Rihanna knocked on the door of the bastard children of David Guetta, Norwegians StarGate, and she made us recover our faith in banging Euro-trance with an ultra catchy chorus that’s still bouncing around in our brain and on the charts the world over.

2. Timo Maas (feat. Kelis): “Help Me” Before Guetta brought Kelis back as the immaculate (and more inspired) chav diva of 2010, German Timo Maas had already invited her to sing on “Help Me”, the opening track of “Loud” (Perfecto, 2002). Her voice went unnoticed at the time, but shortly after “Milkshake” appeared and we all started to shake booty like there was no tomorrow.

3. Tiësto vs Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes: “C’mon (Cath ‘Em By Surprise)” On the industrial outskirts of the Spanish cities, where the temples of musical wisdom and pounding trance lie, the people found out who Busta Rhymes is only a few years ago, thanks to the massive anthem “C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise)”. Ever since, the dress code at the tuning conventions admits trousers that are five sizes bigger than before.

4. Diddy & Felix Da Housecat: “Jack U” Their sprees at Space on Ibiza and the love between Sean Combs and Felix Da Housecat are widely known, ever since they met back in 2005. Good old Diddy wanted to sound in the techno clubs of this world and came up with this surprising “Jack U”. Word has it that Da Housecat had the intention of producing a whole album by the rap tycoon. The experiment never materialised, though. At least, not yet.

5. Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta: “Commander” Kelly Rowland, feeling like the eternal wannabe from Destiny’s Child and without any coverage whatsoever in the media, due to the epic fails of her solo work, saw no other option than to call upon David Guetta for the production of this gem, which has brightened up yours truly’s endless travels on the tube like nobody can imagine. We’re not going to comment on the outfits or the cockiness when she walks among the plebs, because she’s worth it.

6. Black Eyed Peas: “I Gotta Feeling” There are others here that shine with originality because they were produced by Guetta. The summer of 2009 was Black Eyed Peas. The first time we heard the tune we all let out a thundering WTF?!, but after being pounded with it from every possible angle for months on end, it kind of grew on us and we ended up dancing and singing along, leaving our embarrassment aside. They got “I Gotta Feeling” past us, although with we stood up and said never again.

7. Flo.Rida (ft. Ke$ha): “Right Round”

Flo.Rida, also in 2009, decided to poop all over the memory of one-hit wonder Dead Or Alive and released “Right Round”. The only good thing about it is that, thanks to this song, we got to know the biggest intoxicated monstrosity pop music has given us in the last couple of years, Ke$ha –although they didn’t let her near the set of the videoclip, just in case. So thanks for the part we did get.

8. Swedish House Mafia ft. Tinie Tempah: “Miami 2 Ibiza”

The island of Ibiza is so close to us that we’re surprised by the fascination many foreigners have with it. A good example of that is “Miami 2 Ibiza”, that dirty piece of work produced by the DJ threesome Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso who recruited the winner of the last Brit Awards, Tinie Tempah, to tell us about the tartiness on the dancefloor.

9. Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden: “Bonkers” This is huge. “Bonkers” is one of the few tracks capable of making the dancefloor explode from the get go. The masses, hungry for climaxes, unanimously adopted Rascal’s “Tongue N’Cheeek” (Dirtee Skank, 2009) in the UK. There will always be people who long for his return to grime, but Dizzee Rascal, after this and his collaboration with Shakira on “Loca”, feels very comfortable being one of the mainstream’s bad guys.

10. Taio Cruz: “Dynamite”

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