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Odd Future

Odd Future continue with their plan for world domination (or at least, domination of hip-hop for the new decade) and, for now, they're getting there faster than expected. A year ago, Tyler was broke and he was spending his time in the park with his mates. Today, he's been nominated for two MTV VMAs, alongside Beastie Boys, Katy Perry, Adele et al. On the way, he and his friends have already travelled the world over with their incendiary live show and have built up a more than remarkable discography full of sickeningly epiphanic moment. Here are ten tracks that best define the collective's zeitgeist. In chronological order. 1. Tyler, The Creator feat. Earl: “Assmilk” [ from the album “Bastard”] 2. Tyler, The Creator feat. Hodgy Beats: “French!” [ from the album “Bastard”]

3. Earl Sweatshirt: “EARL” [ from the a lbum “EARL”] 4. EarlWolf: “Orange Juice” [from the a lbum “Radicals”] 5. Hodgy Beats, Jasper And Mike G: “Round And Round” [ from the a lbum “Radicals”]

6. Domo Genesis feat. Ace Creator: “Super Market” [ from the a lbum “Rolling Papers”] 7. MellowHype feat. Earl Sweatshirt and Wolf Haley: “Chordaroy” [ from the a lbum “BlackenedWhite”] 8. MellowHype feat. Tyler, The Creator: “Fuck The Police” [ from the a lbum “BlackenedWhite”] 9. Frank Ocean: “Novocane” [ from the a lbum “nostalgia. ULTRA”]

10. Tyler, The Creator: “Radicals” [ from the a lbum “Goblin”] While there's still work to be done to conquer hip-hop for the new decade, here are ten tracks that best define the zeitgeist of corrosive collective Odd Future

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