10 riddims grime 8bars


1. Big Shot : “License 2 Stomp”This stab really gets me going, and the 007 samples turn it into a missile you just have to fire from your decks every time you play out.

2. Wiley : “Igloo”This bassline sticks in your head like frost sticks to the walls of your freezer.

3. Sticky : “Golly Gosh”One of the best drops in history: when the bass goes up one octave.

4. Royal-T : “Orangeade”Gratuitous violence of the good and fun kind.

5 . Danny Weed : “Shank Riddim” + Roll Deep: “When I'm Ere”It can’t get more epic than this. To have to choose between the vocal and non-vocal version is a heartless act.

6. Nasty Crew : “Nasty”Tune. Not all grime is an invitation to pick up the baseball bat.

7. Agent X : “Nasty Bonanza”Yeah yeah, “Spartan Riddim” is great and all that...

8 . Low Deep : “Never See Me Fall”You can put your sampler away now, Low Deep wins.

9 . DJ Oddz : “Strung Up VIP”This is the soundtrack for the part of the film where the hero is training hard and wins in the end.

10. JME : “Hench”The rhythm of this riddim makes you imagine yourself loosening your shoulders while you’re waiting to grab the mic at the rave.

Noaipre will be premiering his productions and live show this month: first at the C.A.L.O.R. party in Madrid on 17th March, and after that on the London Roundhouse main stage at A Taste Of Sonar 2011 . Photo by Albert Jódar

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