Musical Roadmaps For San Miguel Primavera Sound, part 4

The rascal route

There are those who prefer arriving at the festivals past 23:00, after a good dinner and fresh for the rascal roadmap, where electronica and narcotic rock rule. There you have ten proposals not to miss if you’re part of this group.

If you like to lick your finger at every beat, get to the festival past 23, immaculate from head to toe while your friends are already dropped dead, here you are some proposals to make more enjoyable those nights. The electronica of Matías Aguayo and Rebolledo, the junkie space rock of Spiritualized, legends of dance music like grandes LFO and Death In Vegas, kinky indies like The Men and the narcotic sounds of Hype Williams. San Miguel Primavera Sound 2012 is also synonymous with fun. There you go: 10 hints for nighthawks.

1. Spiritualized

Thursday, 31st May. Mini Stage. 02:15h.

Totally recovered, Jason Pierce is back stronger than ever in Spain. The reason for his visit is the presentarion of the recent “Sweet Heart Sweet Light” (Double Six Records/Fat Possum, 2012), where Pierce has used a trim production to highlight (even more) his particular vision o human frailty. It’s very likely that he’ll also play some songs from “Ladies & Gentlemen: We Are Floating In Space” (Arista, 1997).

2. John Talabot

Thursday, 31st May. Ray-Ban Stage. 03:10h.

Now that his identity is no longer a mistery, Talabot lands at the festival to put on a new medal in this impressive year. He’s become a reference in house after his long awaited debut, “Fin” (Permanent Vacation, 2012).

3. Rustie

Thursday 31st May, Pitchfork Stage. 4:30h

Along Hudson Mohawke, Russell Whyte is a great talent from the Glasgow scene. No wonder that “Glass Swords” (Warp, 2011) was pointed as a height of last year’s electronic music. Beats and sparkling melodies that might reach amazing peaks on stage. He’s certainly not playing for those who’d rather save energy.

4. The Men

Friday, 1st of June. Vice Stage. 01:45h.

The Men come to demonstrate that electronic music is not the only ace of the festival Late at night. Some love their music, others hate it, bur truth is that by this time you’ll have drunk enough San Miguel’s beer, so your body will appreciate the rock of the brooklynites.

5. Death In Vegas

Friday, 1st of June. Stage MINI. 02:15h.

Death In Vegas are the main responsable for that crossover between rock and electronic music that had place in the late 90s. Who hasn’t loved “Dirt”, “Girls”, “Rekkit”, “Aisha” or the immortal “Hands Around My Throat”? Those who do keno that Richard Fearless can make their night. Moreover, last year they broke a seven year silence with “Trans-Love Energies”, where Katie Stelmanis from Austra is a guest vocalist.

6. Main

Friday, 1st of June, ATP Stage. 2:15h

Min show will be, we tell you already, just for the brave. While kids dance to The Rapture or Death In Vegas, the ATP will witness the show of Robert Hampson’s project. Dark, creepy and oppresive ambient, based on field recordings. It’s not all about hedonism after all.

7. Rebolledo & Matías Aguayo

Friday, 1st of June. Pitchfork Stage. 04:00h

Matías Aguayo and his ‘guerrero’ Rebolledo are willing to put everything ápside down. THose who love primitive electronica have a date with the Chilean and the Mexican, who will light the torch of toxic EBM and analogue techno.

8. Hype Williams

Saturday 2nd of June, Vice Stage. 00:00h

We can expect almost anything of Hype Williams. We don’t know what will they do, but it will surely be a sui generis show were pop culture is subverted. The best way to enjoy a lisergic trip without chemicals.

9. LFO

Saturday 2nd of June. MINI Stage. 02:30h.

Whenever someone names LFO one should look upon the sky and thank Rob Mitchell for signing them. Although Gez Varley left the project years ago and there’s no new material, Mark Bell keeps the project alive with shows that are a must for any lover of electronic music. It’s not in vain that they’re one of the most influential bands of techno. We are ready in case “Nurture” or “Tied Up” are on the setlist.

10. Scuba

Saturday 2nd of June. Ray Ban Stage. 4:15h

With hits like “Adrenalin”, on “Personality” (Hotflush, 2012) Paul Rose has made his way into house and expansive techno. The momentum seems proper for his first appeareance at the festival. Moreover, his magnificent “DJ Kicks” told us of his mastery Djing. His session can be a great end for a rascal festival.

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