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Richie Hawtin founded the M_nus label in 1998, with the intention of making it an experimentation lab for the most minimal, experimental and intellectualised aspect of his sound. A counterpoint to the expansive label that is Plus 8, the label started with releases by Hawtin and a select group of acolytes (Thomas Brinkmann, Theorem), which would soon become the Holy Grail of minimal techno. Halfway through the past decade, M_nus opened its doors to a new generation of producers - while at the same time finding itself in the absolute epicentre of the minimal explosion dominating dance music at the time. Today, the label's relevance on the club scene has diminished somewhat, but it keeps releasing music based on the holy principles of “subtraction, advancement and experimentation”. Furthermore, the label has released one of the most substantial and essential compilations of recent years. We're talking about “Arkives 1993-2010”. As a retrospective complement, we bring you a selection of ten essential releases which, in one way or another, left their mark on the 13 years of the label's history and the global evolution of minimal techno.

1. Plastikman: “Consumed” (1998) "10 Consumed"

2. Concept 1: “Concept 1 – 96:VR” (1998) (Thomas Brinkmann Remixes) "Concept 1 96-VR Track 1"

3. Richie Hawtin: “Minus Orange” (1999) "M_nus Orange EP - [B1]"

4. Richie Hawtin: “Decks, EFX & 909” (1999) "Grain 1"

5. Richie Hawtin: “DE9 | Closer To The Edit (2001)” "Closer to the Edit Track 1"

6. Marc Houle: “Restore” (2004) "Borrowed Gear"

7. Mathew Jonson: “Decompression EP” (2004) "Decompression"

8. Heartthrob: “Time For Ensor” (2005) "Golum [Original Mix]"

9. Loco Dice: “Seeing Through Shadows” (2006) "Seeing Through Shadows"

10. Various: “min2MAX” (2006) "Wink - Have to get back [non vox version]" As a retrospective complement to “Arkives 1993-2010”, the incredible Plastikman compilation box, we bring you ten essential releases from the history of M_Nus; tracks which left their mark on the evolution of contemporary techno.

Photo by Alex Soto

Feature: " Plastikman and the box of thunder"

PG Podcast 023: Plastikman

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