March’s Best EPs According To PlayGround

Our selection of short albums

On PlayGround we always pay attention to the extended play format, almost as much as to albums, when talking about records. We reviewed several EPs last month, and this is the list of the ten that made the biggest impression on PlayGround staff. Also see our monthly chart.

10. Steinvord: “Steinvord” (Rephlex)

Is it Aphex Twin? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? Or is it a new Squarepusher alias? Whoever it is, Steinvord's first-ever release, on Rephlex, offers out-of-control drum'n'bass and streams of acid in the best tradition of the mythical label.



9. Emptyset: “Medium” (Subtext)

Emptyset seem to have said goodbye to techno on their new mini album, a brief, sick experience bordering on noise and cold, ash-coloured textures. Closer to Sunn O))) than to Surgeon. Scary.


8. Granit: “Granit” (Self-Released)

Granit, the new project by Alba Blasi and Cristina Checa, make their debut and say goodbye with a self-released EP of fragile melodies and ethereal pop, one of the surprises of the year.


7. BFlecha: “Qvasi Naves” (Arkestra)

Taking influences from Spanish eighties techno-pop and the sexiest pieces of British underground music (tons of 2step and garage), BFlecha delivers a second EP that makes her one of the great producers of today.


6. Todd Edwards: “Shall Go EP” (Body High)

Todd Edwards comes back through the front door, right when he's been reclaimed the most as the godfather of nineties and modern UK garage, and his new, impeccable five-track EP consolidates his status as living house legend.

Review Shall Go EP


5. Airhead: “Wait / South Congress” (R&S Records)

Regular James Blake collaborator Airhead makes his debut on R&S. Two tracks brewed with post-rock and contemporary electronica. The result is pretty exciting.


4. Jacques Greene: “Concealer EP” (Vase)

Jacques Greene broadens his sonic horizon and delivers some complete songs of luxurious R&B with deep-house rhythms. It's the best possible start for the Canadian producer's new label.

Review Concealer EP


3. Black Rain: “Now I’m Just A Number. Soundtracks 1994-1995” (Blackest Ever Black)

Blackest Ever Black is releasing a compelling compilation of the music Black Rain made for “Johnny Mnemonic”, discarded at the time and never used in the film. Experimental techno with a view of a dystopian future.

Review Now I'm Just A Number


2. snd / NHK: “Split” (Pan)

NHK and snd, two of today’s most interesting experimental techno projects, join forces on a limited but luxurious split single, delivering 15 minutes each. A fearless investigation of the limits of rhythm and digital errors.


1. Emeralds: “Does It Look Like I’m Here? (Daphni Remixes)” (Jialong)

Daphni, a.k.a. Caribou, does the first-ever remixes of anything by Emeralds, two reconstructions of one of the songs from the Ohio trio's last album on Editions Mego. Latest generation Kosmische Musik with a beat.

Review Does It Look Like I'm Here


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