Ten Legendary Memes, This Time Featuring Animals

A new selection of intelligent and merciless humour on the internet

After our first list of ten memes to understand what a meme is, here's the second chapter: ten memes involving animals. We'll be bringing you more humour from the internet shortly, but for now here are some cats, bears, dogs and frogs doing silly things.

As everybody knows, the internet is ruled by cats. However, there are a lot of other animals that have become memes in order to transmit stereotypes. Defying pragmatism, there's only one cat among the memes I'm bringing you today. And that's quite something, if you don't mind me saying.

After the first Ten Memes To Understand What A Meme Is, now it's time for animal memes. The animal thing is just an excuse to make fun of this life of individualism and screens that drive us so mad. So let's have a laugh at ourselves. Here goes.

1. Paranoid Parrot

Hypochondria, sociopathy, anxiety. Yes, there's plenty of pathologies to go around. One of the worst is paranoia, which, far from having died a slow death in the 80s, as back with a vengeance, filling the pharmaceutical companies' pockets. We're all mad as a March hare.

2. Yes, This Is Dog

The good thing about some memes is the absolute arbitrariness of their origin. This dog appeared one day and made us die of laughter- I don't know why, but is there anything funnier than animals playing people? It always works. I hope one day that dog will answer the phone. And, question: what voice would you give it?

3. Philosoraptor

How about a velociraptor giving you some paradoxes to think about? Make mine a double. It's not much of a philosopher, in spite of its name. Its stupid hypothesis’ rather make me think of someone high as a kite, amazed at the sense the universe makes, but hey, that's just me. Anyway, this meme, which in itself is stupid, sometimes captures us in its craziness and makes us lose time with stupid things, like memes.

4. Insanity Wolf

This hairy man lives on the wildest side. He’s political incorrectness incarnate, and yours truly likes a slap in the face every now and then. With this meme as an excuse, the internet says the most horrible things you can imagine. I'll admit I've censured myself when it comes to giving examples, because I wouldn't want to insult people. No, really.

Note: this is Nyan Cat (another animal meme).

5. Anti-Joke Chicken

I imagine the person behind this meme is a very serious engineer; one who uses thermal underwear and has instant soup for dinner every night. Someone who's extremely bored. So bored, in fact, that the mere thought of telling a joke seems like something irrational. It's too much for him, he has to spoil it with vulgarity, because his whole being makes him do so. He’s in bad shape, such bad shape that it makes me laugh. But don't tell him, he might do something terrible if he finds out.

6. Socially Awkward Penguin

Those moments of cold sweat. A few seconds that seem like an eternity, while you feel like the most ridiculous person ever to walk the face of this planet. I believe that socially awkward moments have something to do with a collision between our inner child and this strange adult life. There's something odd going on here, right? Or maybe there isn't, what do I know? (Looking away, whistling)

7. Hipster Kitty

Bloody hipsters. I was there way before you, always. The Loewe ad. We're the elite, we are the once with the right taste. Idiots are everywhere, and in many flavours, true. But when you find yourself with one of those hipsters who thinks they're all that, you remember the Temple of Doom and you want to rip out their beating heart and ask them again what the latest Michael Mann film was like.

8. Cocaine Bear

I've always found 'going apeshit' a very descriptive expression, until I saw this coked-up bear and thought, what the hell, nothing beats a bear giving it his all. It's bigger than an ape, and hairier, and clumsier. I think the image of a bear going crazy under the influence of blow is rather funny. In this meme, no animals have been mistreated, so don't worry. It's a joke, you know.

9. Dramatic Cupcake Dog

The use of the adjective 'dramatic' with an animal is a guarantee for spectacular laughter. And when you find one truly dramatic and well done, you can only laugh hysterically until you literally piss yourself. Even more so if it's a video like this YouTube remix masterpiece. This is going to bring you laughter in its purest form. there are no words to describe this.

10. Foul Bachelor Frog

Okay, we're talking about the professional bachelor here. It doesn't matter if he's got a girlfriend or not, he lives in a bachelor pad and he lives alone. Life is hard out there, right? It's always putting you to the test, and vice lurks in every corner of the tiny apartment. Doing the laundry is and adventure, and ironing, well... So yes, very funny. But not for me. It's just too confronting. See you next time, I think these jeans need to be cleaned.

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