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Kathryn Calder

Kathryn Calder, member of The New Pornographers and solo artist, returns on the 25th of October with a new album via File Under: Music. “Bright And Vivid” features delicate folk and dream-pop to listen to with your eyes closed. But before the album is released, she wanted to share a secret with us; telling us her ten favourite albums to listen to while driving her car.

“There are all kinds of albums for many different moods. Seeing as how I spend a lot of time in moving vehicles, here are my top ten albums to listen to while driving. Some, like Brightblack Morning Light, are great for late night driving. Others I listen to any time, like Paul Simon´s Graceland and the Magnetic Fields´ 69 Love Songs. Others still are perfect for those long North American drives, like Bruce Springsteen´s Born To Run and American Beauty by The Grateful Dead. But regardless of whether I´m driving or not, I love all 10 of these albums. Enjoy!”

1. Paul Simon: “Graceland” (1986) "Graceland"

2. PJ Harvey: “Let England Shake” (2011) "Let England Shake"

3. M. Ward: “Post War” (2006) "To Go Home"

4. Brightblack Morning Light: “Brightblack Morning Light” (2006) "Hologram Buffalo"

5. Van Morrison: “Tupelo Honey” (1971) "Tupelo Honey"

6. Bruce Springsteen: “Born To Run” (1975) "Born To Run"

7. Grateful Dead: “American Beauty” (1970) "Box of Rain (Studio Version)"

8. The Magnetic Fields: “69 Love Songs” (1999) "Absolutely Cuckoo2"

9. Paul & Linda McCartney: “Ram” (1971) "Ram on"

10. The Shins: “Chutes Too Narrow” (2003) "Young Pilgrims" Before releasing her new album “Bright And Vivid”, Kathryn Calder (also a member of The New Pornographers) gives us her ten favourite albums for listening to on the road.

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