Japanese chart

10 top singles of the moment

Japanese chart

The Sendai earthquake, the tsunami that came afterwards, and the Fukushima nuclear crisis that’s made Japan the news of the day for the past weeks all have the world worrying about the future: it’s hard to survive and overcome such a disaster that has left so many families in shambles. However, another message is coming from the big Japanese cities: moral is low, yes, but life outside the disaster area is completely normal. That’s the image the country, proud and educated, wants to transmit: nothing to see here, keep on walking. And as everything else keeps running its course –transport, industry, health services and tourism– so does the music. That’s why we wanted to give you a list of what’s most popular in Japan right now. What does the Japanese singles top 10 look like? Check it out below: a cocktail of Lady Gaga, heavy metal, ballads, white rock, j-pop and R&B oriental style.

1. Lady Gaga: “Born This Way”

2. Maximum The Hormone: “Utsukushiki Hitobito No Uta”

3. The Bawdies feat. Al: “Love You Need You”

4. Superfly: “You And Me”

5. Kara: “Jet Coaster Love” 6. AKB48: “Sakura No Ki Ni Narou” 7. Rumer: “Slow”

8. Sakanaction: “Rookie”

9. The Strokes: “Under Cover Of Darkness”

10. Not Yet: “Shumatsu Not Yet”

Hard times for Japan, but more than anything, the Japanese people want things to seem as normal as possible. The music, therefore, hasn’t stopped in the land of the rising sun and this top 10 of hottest singles of the moment –according to Billboard– confirms it.

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