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Three lists for the price of one. Going all out in the discount season, the mysterious trio known as Is Tropical offers us the tracks, records and soundtracks they couldn't live without. Neither Klaxons nor Metronomy appear on the list: that would have been too easy for them. However, we were pleased to see we're not the only ones fondly remembering films of the eighties. With such broad tastes, we're not surprised that “Native To” harbours so many ideas. Have a look and get to know the new Kitsuné darlings a little bit better. Songs (Simon)

1. DOM: “Burn Bridges” 2. Crystal Fighters: “Plage” 3. Age Of Consent: “The Beach” 4. Washed Out: “New Theory” 5. TEETH!!!: “Flowers” (released on September 5th, stay tuned) 6. Ratatat: “Neckbrace” 7. The Strokes: “Taken For A Fool” 8. Spector: “Never Fade Away” 9. One Man Destruction Show: “Famous Nobody” unreleased

10. Egyptian Hip Hop: “The One Eyed King” demo Soundtracks (Dom)

1. “Dirty Dancing”

2. “The Neverending Story” 3. “Terminator” 4. “Where The Wild Things Are” 5. “Amélie” 6. “Clueless” 7. “Assault On Precinct 13” 8. “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” 9. “A Clockwork Orange” 10. “Chariots Of Fire”

Albums (Gary)

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