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10 (as of yet unreleased) UK Funky anthems

David M

He has solid contacts, an uncontrollable passion and has cultivated an extremely broad knowledge of the British underground: we’re talking about David M from A Coruña, Galicia, member of the BreakTheBeat collective and one of the most trustworthy and technically gifted selectors in Spain (and part of the rest of the world). Grime, dubstep, jungle and garage always form part of his DJ bag, and like any DJ who’s always up-to-date, the beat and warmth of UK funky particularly gets him. He has selected ten tracks from the genre that are burning up London dancefloors and have something else in common: they’re all unreleased as of yet and only at the disposal of the most privileged DJs in the form of dubplates. But as David’s credo is to share, here’s the selection plus their audio files.

1. Devine Collective: “House Girls (Dubplate Mix)”

The track that, to me, best represents the elusive collective led by Mad One, who in turn is the one who most represents all the good things UK funky has in 2011. It’s a pity that the track didn’t end up on (the unjustly ignored but brilliant) “ House Girls” LP they released last year. This tune will tear the roof off of any sucker.

{youtube width="100%" height="25"}3NrT7CJll4w{/youtube}

2. Ill Blu: “Monsta”

Suppliers of hits in bulk. Every time I hear a new Ill Blu tune I’m sure it’s the best they’ve ever done. But this one certainly is. Seriously. At least, until the next one comes out.

{youtube width="100%" height="25"}tJHkpBplxpk{/youtube}

3. Marcus Nasty & Bassboy: “Drip”

The most contagious melody ever heard on pirate and one of the regulars in Marcus Nasty's sets in the last couple of years. Recently it’s been playing all over the place, so with a bit of luck the release is imminent.

{youtube width="100%" height="25"}K2F0K7yVY5Q{/youtube}

4. Mr.Mageeka: “The Clock”

Mr.Mageeka is another one of those very prolific but elusive artists, not very given to hype, and apart from that he’s my favourite producer. This track in particular has everything I like about his music: it’s euphoric, colourful and the perfect example of how to let out all your energy on the dancefloor.

{youtube width="100%" height="25"}CzFB2XUybCQ{/youtube}

5. Shay & Sinista: “Merge Riddim”

Simple but tremendously effective. Screaming riffs over an uptempo and cheerful beat which, paraphrasing Rankin, sounds “ like a giant bouncing a basketball.” Watch out for Shay & Sinista, they’re on fire these days.

{youtube width="100%" height="25"}xfylFXu_awo{/youtube}

6. Carnao Beats: “Biker Conga”

Another producer who, although he hasn’t released anything officially yet, has loads of tunes in the bags of every self-respecting DJ. And rightly so, because he represents that raw and sharp sound I so like about this music like no other.

{youtube width="100%" height="25"}2ssxVFWkG0g{/youtube}

7. Rudimental feat MC Shantie: “Deep In The Valley”

In a way I name this tune as a tribute to Shantie, one of my favourite MCs, but Rudimental’s production is great, too, and even without the nostalgic value of Shantie’s rhymes I’ve heard so many times on the radio, it’s chartworthy.

{youtube width="100%" height="25"}fyuIqechOgI{/youtube}

8. Troublesum: “Boot Install”

Troublesum is the crew formed by DJ Champion and Serious, who could both have a few more tunes on this list on their own, but taking advantage of the fact that they have a track together which is one of my current favourites, here it is.

{youtube width="100%" height="25"}jFIeaYKeWhk{/youtube}

9. Funkystepz feat Rhian Moore: “No More”

It’s hard to choose only one Funkystepz, tune, but at least one of them should be on this list. I chose this one because I hadn’t yet picked any with vocals and because Rhian Moore gives the perfect twist to a song that is already great.

{youtube width="100%" height="25"}CM_geDD4-sI{/youtube}

10. Eastwood feat Ve Ve: “Right There”

Another great vocal tune, this time by a veteran of the grime scene made the crossover between different styles so totally naturally. Who would have thought he would make something so delicate, when he used to do such brutal tracks alongside DJ Oddz, back in 2002.

{youtube width="100%" height="25"}tQMVetxiCTQ{/youtube} Galician DJ David M shares with us ten of his favourite gems: ten bomb tracks of UK funky that are unreleased as of yet but which are burning up UK dancefloors.

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