Chris Cunningham

10 hidden videos

Chris Cunningham

1. Holy Barbarians: “Space Junkie” (1996)

2. Placebo: “36 Degrees” (1996)

3. Lodestar: “Another Day” (1996)

4. The Auteurs: “Light Aircraft On Fire” (1997)

5. Life’s Addiction: “Jesus Coming In For The Kill” (1997)

6. Geneva: “Tranquillizer” (1997)

7. Dubstar: “No More Talk” (1997)

8. Jesus Jones: “The Next Big Thing” (1997)

9. Jocasta: “Something To Say” (1997)

10. “Gucci Flora”. Commercial for Gucci Perfume

Second part of our overview of Chris Cunningham’s video productions, on the even of his audiovisual set at the Sónar festival. Today we give you his ten hidden videos.

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