Chris Cunningham

10 historical videos

Chris Cunningham

1. Autechre: “Second Bad Vilbel” (1995)

2. Aphex Twin: “Come To Daddy” (1997)

3. Portishead: “Only You” (1998)

4. Leftfield feat. Afrika Bambaataa: “Afrika Shox” (1998)

5. Madonna: “Frozen” (1998)

6. Björk: “All Is Full Of Love” (1998)

7. Aphex Twin: “Windowlicker” (1999)

8. Aphex Twin: “Rubber Johnny” (2005)

9. The Horrors: “Sheena Is A Parasite” (2006)

10. Gil Scott-Heron: “NY Is Killing Me” (2010)

A two-part overview of the video productions of Chris Cunningham, on the eve of his audiovisual set at the Sónar festival. Today, his ten historical videos. Tomorrow, more.

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