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A man wearing Bermuda shorts and socks and sporting long hair and a beard like Jesus, believe us, really shouldn’t be trusted. Breakbot goes through life looking like that, or at least that’s how he looks on the sleeve of his single “ Baby I’m Yours” (2010), with which he established himself as a stable member of the Parisian Ed Banger family, alongside Justice and other drunks. His thing is a brew of funk, soul, hysteric house and crunchy disco, not for people with weak stomachs. But it turns out that Thibaut Berland is not such a bad guy after all, and he even has good taste (albeit somewhat cheesy). In order to be able to understand him better, he has given us a list of his favourite songs. To know him is to love him.

1. Toto feat Cheryl Lynn: “Georgy Porgy”This is exactly the kind of tunes I would love to make (except maybe for the jazzy chorus).

2. Dr Hook: “Sexy Eyes”Another white dude thinking he’s black.

3. Madleen Kane: “You And I”This one is a little deep, but there’s something quite haunting about it.

4. Deniece Williams: “I Found Love”I just discovered this girl lately (she's apparently famous) and this song puts me in a very good mood.

5. Stephen Bishop: “Save It For A Rainy Day”Perfect song to start the day. It sounds a little like Phoenix.

6. Saint Tropez: “Belle De Jour”This is without doubt one of the cheesiest track I ever listened to. The vocals are a little too much but the backing track is absolutely awesome.

7. Mtume: “C.O.D. (I’ll Deliver)”Good tune to cruise with your gang.

8. Ashford And Simpson: “Mighty Might Love”What about you? What do you think of this song?

9. The Cool Notes: “My Love Is Hot”Perfect to make a romantic background while you dim the lights.

10. Norma Jean: “Saturday (Dimitri From Paris Remix)”This is such a good party starter, especially on Saturdays.

11. Metro Area: “Soft Hoop”Big influence on my desire to make music on a computer back in the days.

12. LCD Soundsystem: “Dance Yrself Clean”This is a new band from USA, trust me they’re gonna be big.

13. Cassius: “Les Enfants”Just noticed the guys are obsessed with youth: fifteen again, youth trouble speed cigarettes, les enfants...

14. Scissor Sisters: “Anywhich Way (Carte Blanche Remix)”Another beautiful gem by Mehdi and Riton.

15. Bobby Caldwell: “Open Your Eyes”I would so love to sing like that.

Breakbot, one of the new tenants at casa Ed Banger, introduces us swiftly in his musical universe with a selection of his most beloved tracks. Soul, funk, disco, house: the classic energy cocktail to get you through the night.

Baby I'm Yours

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