Bonde Do Rolê's Favourite Pastimes

The Brazilian trio tell us their ten favourite pastimes, coinciding with the release of “Tropical/Bacanal”

Coinciding with the release of “Tropical/Bacanal”, we talk to the three members of Bonde do Rolê as they tell us their ten favourite pastimes: reality shows, free-fights, pimples, the tabloids and more.

When they released “With Lasers” (2007), their first album on Domino (where they landed after leaving Diplo's label), Brazilians Bonde Do Rolê proved to be one of the most fun-loving and off-the-hook bands in the realm of so-called “global beats”. Combining elements from funk carioca (even though they're not from Rio de Janeiro but from Sao Paulo) and punk, their songs made them the Beastie Boys of southern hemisphere funk. After that explosion of fun, five years went by until DJ Gorky, Pedro D’Eryot and Laura Taylor (replacing Marina “Gasolina” Ribatski) came back with “Tropical/Bacanal”, on Mad Decent this time, with the same ingredients and even more mischief.

Aware of that fun side and their famous sense of humour, we asked them about their favourite things to do when they're not playing, writing or recording. So they sent us a list, featuring anything from visiting websites about pimples to free-wrestling competitions. Freaks galore!

1. MMA Free-Fighting Competitions

(Pedro): It's a type of competition that’s very trendy in Brazil. It’s like wrestling and features circus people. It's very funny.

2. Tabloid press

(Pedro): Those newspapers you get for free in the metro, full of gossip and fake stories, like “News of the World”, very bloody and with naked women... It's called “Metro News”. But Meia Hora is even better.

3. Fruit porn

(Pedro): There are a couple of blogs where you can see fruits and vegetables that get a porn form. It's really, really nuts, although it's a natural malfunction.

4. Pimpletube

(Gorky): When I have nothing to do I like to go to Pimpletube, where you see a lot of people removing their zits.

5. Bald Celebrity

(Gorky): They have stories of every single celebrity, the best stories.

6. Watching reality shows

(Gorky): I love really bad reality TV shows, like “ Toddlers And Tiaras”: in my vision it's more like a comedy show, like a funny thing. You can never tell if they're really doing it for real. I have this favourite kid called Alana. She's great!

7. Buying and cleaning records

(Gorky): I love buying and cleaning records. It's like taking kids off the street, cleaning them up and giving them new clothes.

8. Old people with flashy sneakers

(Laura): Old people with Adidas, or flashy sneakers. Maybe they wear those shoes because they're more comfortable, but it looks funny.

9. Secondhand trophies

(Laura): Trophies sold via eBay or flea markets, because as a kid I never won any.

10. Our record

It has taken a lot of time, but we had all the time we wanted to do it and it's just the way we wanted it. It's the record of our dreams.

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