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A creator isn't really great until other artists from other genres pay tribute to him or her. Either in the studio or on stage, Björk has been paid homage to by a huge amount of artists. The vast majority of them chose to undress a good part of the Icelandic singer's repertoire. Without judging the final result, we leave you with some of cover versions that, over the past few years, have made the figure of la Guðmundsdóttir even bigger. You can now place your bets on who will be the first to cover ‘Crystalline’.

1. Liars: “Army Of Me”

2. Radiohead: “Unravel”

3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: “Hyperballad”

4. Bon Iver: “Who Is It”

5. Robyn: “Hyperballad”

6. Pau Vallvé: “All Is Full Of Love”

7. White Hinterland: “I Miss You”

8. Ben Gibbard: “Jóga”

9. Final Fantasy & Ed Droste: “Possibly Maybe”

10. The Decemberists: “Human Behaviour”

Weeks before the release of ‘Biophilia’, we show you some of the cover versions other artists from different fields of music have done of the Icelandic singer's songs, from Bon Iver to Liars.

List: " Björk. Her best dresses

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