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As an undisputed avant-garde fashion icon, Björk has been breaking haute couture moulds and setting trends for twenty years, with artists such as Róisín Murphy and Lady Gaga nipping at her heels, always trying to copy her style. We all have an image of the Icelandic singer burnt into our subconscious. Her much-imitated swan outfit, some of her most famous pieces and the wardrobes chosen for her tours all show she wasn’t born to leave anyone indifferent. At the expense of not being able to hear “Biophilia” (her latest and most ambitious project) until September, we leave you with ten outfits (not necessarily to be worn when going out for a pint or milk or to a yoga class) that have helped make Björk into the icon we know and love, capable of being imitated on carnival floats worldwide.

1. Before Natalie Portman, there was Björk

2. The mummy

3. The bubbly jester

4. Showing some skin

5. Pierced for fashion

6. God bless you, McQueen

7. Coming from another planet

8. Walking fluff

9. The steel wool wig

10. Angelical buns

Before she was a diva who couldn’t care less about what other people think of her, Björk was wearing much more modest clothes, back in the day. Remember one of her first big appearances at the 1994 Brit Awards, performing a freestyle version of “Satisfaction” with Polly Jean Harvey?

The Icelandic artist has provided some great moments for fashion with a seemingly endless selection of impossible dresses. Now that “Biophilia” is being officially presented as a live stage show, we thought we’d rehash some of them.

Report: Bjork’s “Biophilia”: Pattern obsession.

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