The Best Moments Of San Miguel Primavera Sound

We've talked about the fashion trends; now we're taking a look at the little anecdotes that made this year's successful edition extra fun

Saying goodbye to San Miguel Primavera Sound, we remember ten moments for all eternity, among the many great times we had at the event this year. Curiosities, anecdotes, unexpected appearances, moments of surprise and even some disgusting ones.

From today on, San Miguel Primavera Sound is behind us, at least until next year – or the end of this one, when we'll talk about its winter version, Primavera Club. To leave on a humorous tip, we made a list of the ten great moments we experienced or saw at the Fòrum last weekend. Ten anecdotes, ten events that happened on or off stage, we'll remember for months to come. Here goes, and we invite you to share yours in the comments, because after all: the festival is yours.

1. The privilege of hearing the new songs by The xx

We understand that there are people who don't share our passion for The xx live: they're slow and meticulous; they require a kind of attention rarely seen at a festival. They're more of a venue band, playing with the precision and cleanliness of a high-tech studio. And this year, apart from the hits from their first album, they played a fistful of tracks from their upcoming and very promising LP, “Coexist”. To be allowed to witness that was a real privilege.

2. Victoria Legrand's hair

With backlighting, Victoria's hair is even more hair. Her do was competing with the best when it comes to wraps and rococo adornments, making her appearance something of Botticelli-like proportions; which only added to the excitement over Beach House's songs. It was a very special communal moment, with an intangible aura of supernatural beauty.

3. Christopher Owens and his tribute to Barça

Among the people seeing Beach House play we spotted Christopher Owens, the leader of Girls, with his girlfriend, Hannah Hunt, who's the singer of Dominant Legs. Finding indie idols in the audience isn't rare at Primavera Sound, but the man was sporting Barça's official jersey for next season, with number 5, Carles Puyol's number, on the back. Remarkable!

4. A$AP Rocky chatting up girls at John Talabot's gig

There were more artists walking around, like A$AP Rocky, who, after his own gig, went to where the party was (John Talabot's concert), to see if he could get lucky. When Mazzy Star were playing we saw his tour manager doing promo, trying to convince some girls to come and see the rapper, and apparently, it worked. At Talabot's gig we spotted Rocky in the company of a couple of ladies who he later escorted backstage, with Rocky in octopus mode.

5. Grimes is cool because she's not

Grimes was there, as well, sporting a hardcore homeless look, as if she was getting ready for a big feast around the dustbins at Mickey D's. Her crew looked like they were going to join her as well, even though they were wearing flowers. On stage, her gig was somewhere between a drunk college party and a too cool for school art event; what with her performing silly stunts and pulling some girls in their underwear on stage. It's easy to hate her for the freaky stuff, but it's better to love her because she's different. Even though she smelled like the Marseille harbour.

6. Costumes all over the place

Some of the outfits we saw, and which didn't appear in our fashion reports of the past few days, were truly outrageous. If you think some of the said outfits were freaky, what about the guy who dressed up as Spiderman? Or the bad boys with their scorpion jackets? Or those sporting lab coats and walking around (at The Cure's gig, for instance) as if they were at some giant stag party? We find this costumes trend at festivals rather disturbing. You can be an indie or not, but you shouldn't be a dork.

7. VIPs trapped at The Cure's gig

And speaking of The Cure, their concert was where the people (those who paid for their tickets and for their own food and drink) had their moment of revenge on the VIPs (those attending the event for free, drinking for free or for very little). Those who were stupid enough to enter the privileged zone at the San Miguel stage during The Cure's concert for a quick drink, were in for a real treat. They got trapped in there for three hours, as the human masses (yes, the people) blocked each and every exit: poetic justice.

8. The food, again

Speaking of food, as we like to get our falafel and hot dogs (anorexia doesn't sit well with our staff), we all agreed that the grub was alright. There was even a Japanese restaurant. Although it wasn't exactly haute cuisine, it was far better than a plastic sandwich with yesterday's tortilla.

9. Mayhem and the guts

However, if you had eaten right before seeing Mayhem, you ran the risk of puking all over some heavy metal dude, or better, some hipster standing at the Vice stage to see the extreme metal bands because it's the hipster thing to do. Mayhem was no joke: there was blood, there were monster outfits, there were pigs' heads, there was a steam hammer, there was a goat-like voice, and yes, there were guys throwing up.

10. The Weeknd: yes or no?

A deception to some, a memorable moment to others. It was Abel Tesfaye's first gig in Europe, and witnessing it, in a way, was as much a privilege as the aforementioned xx gig (ah, the circle closes). But let's be honest: those rocky outbursts make no sense. Wasn't he a sensitive R&B singer heating up the mood with that voice, singing about ounces of pre-coital coke? What's with the guitars on stage? But we understand the emotion: there were people who brought balloons, as a tribute to the “House Of Balloons” album sleeve, and when the sound disappeared at the end of “High For This”, it was very exciting to hear the people singing the chorus a cappella, as if it were a Depeche Mode or Tom Jones gig. That was just plain endearing.

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