My Top 10 Fictional Animated Guys


List of My Top 10 Fictional Animated Guys.(aka the list that reveals me for the super lame fanboy that I really am)

1. Yusaku Godai

3. Naota Nandaba

4. Professor Oak

5. General Iroh

Firstly, and bluntly, FUCK that live action piece of shit M. Night Shyamalan movie. The actual animated series that the movie is based on, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, is incredible. True-to-life characters, and a plot full of relentlessly creative ideas that maintains a perfectly pre-determined structure through all three seasons. Everyone that is a fan of the show is trying as hard as they can to forget that that SHIT movie ever happened.

6. Professor Layton

7. Germany / Doitsu / Ludwig

8. Damos

9. Ryotsu Kankichi

10. Phoenix Wright

“Lovely Bloodflow” Will Wiesenfeld, who’s behind the Baths project, picks his ten favourite animated characters, mainly seen in japanese animation and videogames. A collection of cute, lovable or strong people: quite nerdy, but definitely a way to find reliable role models.

Review: “ Cerulean

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