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Banjo Or Freakout

Alessio Natalizia has been fighting for a place in the world of ethereal and gentle pop for two years now. His output has been modest so far –as far as formats are concerned: he is a 7” and 12” single regular– but very emotional. Last year he teamed up with Sam Willis, alias Allez-Allez, in the ambient duo Walls, who released a dreamy and deep album on Kompakt. Now, after a year of maximum hyperactivity, he has finally finished his first solo album, “ Banjo Or Freakout” which will be released this Monday 7th March on Memphis Industries. The album conjures up sensations of moving slowly, swaying with time, and check out his influences: for PlayGround, Alessio has chosen his ten favourite travelling songs.

1. Judee Sill: “The Kiss”

2. Automat: “Mecadence”

3. Arthur Russell: “The Platform On The Ocean”

4. Popol Vuh: “Improvisation”

5. Robert Wyatt: “Out Of The Blue”

6. This Heat: “Horizontal Hold”

7. Víctor Jara: “Cai Cai Vilu (Instrumental)”

8. Tones On Tail: “Rain”

9. Luke Abbott: “Brazil”

10. The Beach Boys: “Till I Die (Alternate Long Mix)”

Banjo Or Freakout’s music takes you on a trip. On the eve of releasing his debut album, we asked the Italian pop craftsman for his ten favourite songs for travelling.

Banjo or Freakout

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