To School (in ten songs)


Millions of kids have started school again, after a few months of holiday. Instead of torturing you with interviews with the little brats about their first day at school, as the television networks tend to do, we decided to make a list of school-themed songs (or, in Mogwai’s case, because we love the title). Let's see if we can ease the post-vacation stress with a bit of Belle & Sebastian, The Smiths and Saint Etienne. 1. Pulp: “P. T. A. Parent Teacher Association”

2. Belle & Sebastian: “Expectations”

3. The Smiths: “The Headmaster Ritual”

4. Rufus Wainwraight: “The Art Teacher”

5. Nada Surf: “Popular”

6. Saint Etienne: “Sylvie”

7. Radiohead: “Bishop’s Robes”

8. Morrissey: “The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils”

9. Hot Chip: “And I Was A Boy From School”

10. Mogwai: “I Love You, I’m Going To Blow Up Your School”

Now that all the kids are back at school, here's a list of school-themed songs to relieve some of the brats' (and their parents') stress.

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