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Listening to Amiina music it is quite clear that the four Icelandic girls have a special preference for music without genres or labels. In their scores –for their albums “ Kurr” (2007) and “ Puzzle” (2010)–, and on their contributions to Sigur Rós’ records, there are influences from Scandinavian folk, off-club electronica, jazz, classical composition and sleepy pop. A bit of everything. Which is what you’ll find in this list of their favourite albums of the moment. That is, not their all-time favourite albums, nor the ones of the past few months, but records from all ages and genres which they happen to be listening to at present. There’s a bit of jazz, some progressive rock, blues and even an interesting soul record. We’ve given them numbers, but the girls state that the list was made without any particular order. Let that be clear. Now, dig in.

1. Miles Davis: “Kind Of Blue” (Columbia, 1959)

2. Skúlli Sverrisson & Óskar Guðjónsson: “Eftir Þögn” (ÓMI, 2002)

3. D’Angelo: “Voodoo” (Virgin, 2000)

4. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention: “Freak Out!” (Verve, 1966)

Frank Zappa - Hungry Freaks Daddy 1966 Frank Zappa - I Ain´t Got No Heart 1966

5. The Tony Williams Lifetime: “Turn It Over” (Polydor, 1970)

The Tony Williams Lifetime - Right on

Tony Williams Lifetime - Big Nick

6. Tom Waits: “Alice” (Anti, 2002)

Alice - Tom Waits

Tom Waits - Poor Edward

7. Lee Hazlewood: “Cowboy In Sweden” (LHI Records, 1970)

8. Tom Brosseau: “Late Night At Largo” (Unabridged Music, 2004)

9. Beach House: “Teen Dream” (Sub Pop, 2010)

10. Micachu: “Jewellery” (Rough Trade, 2009)

The girls from Amiina, like everyone else, have their favourite records. All-time favourites and present favourites, even though they’re not from today. And these are the records from yesterday they like the most today.

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