On a permanent transition


Richie Hawtin is a man permanently in transition. “If you just sit there in one place with your arms crossed thinking that nothing will change, you are already dead,” he says in the following interview. Where other people may sit and wait, he’s making a proactive contribution to progression in techno, in his life, and in ours. The current live show rescues, at last, his raw and acidic minimalist Plastikman project developed in the early days through the Plus8 label. Very soon the show will land at Sónar to flood the night at the Barcelona festival with stroboscopic lights, LEDs curtains and the actualisation of such classics as “Spastik” and “Helikopter”, all in the name of progress, not nostalgia. “I believe there is a void, an emptiness that needs to be filled by Plastikman,” he continues. He’s taking no prisoners. We chatted with Hawtin in Paris on 9th May, where he spoke about why he’d rescued Plastikman and the complete graphic and sound renovation of the project, of his vision of the world and plans for the future –in particular a future project called “Replikants”, that until now has been his best kept secret. All this and plenty more are just a click of the play button away.

Plastikman will be performing at Sónar on friday 18th. You can still get your tickets here.

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