“Of Course I would Go Out Clubbing With The ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast”

Ten questions for Active Child

Pat Grossi, the producer behind Active Child, answers a few questions while he's visiting Europe.

Active Child is one of the key names in the Chill-Wave movement, even though he hates the tag. The Italian-American arguably has every reason to do so, too, as his sound is much more than just that: it's Electronic Pop with exuberant arrangements (you won't see him without his harp), very affected and, at times, even bombastic - in the best sense of the word. You can also hear some R&B-like falsettos, as our man was in a choir as a boy, which helped shape his voice. Last summer, his debut album came out, “You Are All I See”, and now it's time to present it live. While he's visiting Europe, we thought we'd ask Pat Grossi a few questions in order to get to know him a bit better.

1. What kind of physical reactions do you experience when you hear / read the term “Chillwave”?

I've become pretty numb to that catch phrase to be honest. It became so overused that eventually it came to represent nothing.

2. If someone were to sing your music in a Cathedral, who would it be and where?

Annie Lennox in the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Perugia, Italy. She is one of my favourite voices and I have many great memories in that place.

3. What presents did you get for Christmas and where are they now?

I got a pair of slippers, which are on my feet right now; they are brown suede with lamb’s wool. I got a cognac coloured scarf that I have been wearing since my arrival in Europe, its cold, and I got a really sweet card from my parents.

4. To what degree did you aim to be cheesy in the video with How To Dress Well? Is he a good actor, or does he suck?

I had no intentions of being cheesy; I wanted it to feel like an old school performance video, with love scenes and singing, etc. It turned out differently, but I still like it. And How to Dress Well is a great actor, much better than me.

5. Imagine a duo with Joanna Newsom, playing the harp, very intimate. How would you imagine it to be?

I would imagine myself freezing up, fingers and hands cramping, jaw dropping, and me watching her play. I would attempt to play “The Book of Right On” and end up playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Either that or we would write something really beautiful.

6. Is anyone in the universe (including your mother) more important than your harp?

Of course, the harp is just a bunch of wood and strings. It's nothing without the people that inspire me to pick it up and create, my mom being one of those people.

7. Where you very active as a child, or a quiet one?

Somewhere in between I would say. And may you slip on a banana peel today for posing this ridiculous question.

8. You are Italian-American. Would you go out on a night with the “Jersey Shore” cast?

Of course I would go out clubbing with the “Jersey Shore” cast, wouldn't be the first time. I grew up in Jersey, going to the Jersey shore.

9. What would your nightmare collaboration be: Lady Gaga, Skrillex, LMFAO or Lana Del Rey?

Gaga: I’m still waiting to hear a song that interests me, or at least makes me feel something.

10. What are the chances of the audience having goose-bumps (or even fainting) at one of your concerts?

Strong to quite strong, depending on how much alcohol has been consumed.

On Tour:

Feb 15, Madrid, Spain (Moby Dick)

Feb 16, Barcelona, Spain (Razzmatazz 3)

Feb 18, Bordeaux, France (La Rocher de Palmer)

Feb 19, Paris, France (Point Ephémère)

Feb 20, London, UK (St. Giles)

Feb 21, Brussels, Belgium (Botanique)

Feb 23, Heidelberg, Germany (Karlstorbahnhof)

Feb 24, Dresden, Germany (Beatpol)

Feb 25, Münster, Germany (Gleis22)

Feb 26, Köln, Germany (GEBAUDE 9)

Feb 28, Munich, Germany (Atomic Café)

Feb 29, Offenbach Am Main, Germany (Hafen 2)

Mar 1, Leipzig, Germany (Ut Connecewitz)

Mar 2, Hamburg, Germany (Uebel & Gefährlich)

Mar 3, Berlin, Germany (Privat Club)

Mar 4, Aarhus, Denmark (Voxhaul)

Mar 5, Copenhagen, Denmark (Vega)

Mar 7, Goteborg, Sweden (Henriksberg)

Mar 7, Oslo, Norway (Bla)

Mar 9, Mälmo, Sweden (Debaser)

Mar 10, Stockholm, Sweden (Debaser)

Mar 12, Helsinki, Finland (Tavastia)

From Apr 27 to May 22, US Tour

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