“Skrillex, I Need You”

Or how the hippest singers, actresses and models decided to get the most popular EDM DJ's hairdo

The stars of female pop and other celebrities are infected by the Californian producer's hairdo and are shaving one side of their heads en masse. Is this emo-hawk a passing trend? An analysis of how a butt-ugly hairdo became a symbol of hipsterdom.

Not Jessica Alba's Californian highlights, not Amy Winehouse' beehive, not Katy Perry's multi-coloured do. If there's one hairdo that's made a huge impression on today's hipster chicks, it's Skrillex's. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, to rebel against femininity and aesthetic symmetry, the young transgressors of today's pop Olympus - and the girls from your neighbourhood, for that matter- choose to shave one side of their head and copy the look of the young brostep producer who assaulted the Forbes list with his stabbing bass lines.

Since a few months, half-shaven skull fever seems impossible to escape from. You can't open a lifestyle magazine, stand in line at the supermarket or walk the streets without observing this curious capillary experiment. Is Sonny Moore so sexy that Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, even his present girlfriend, the über sweet Ellie Goulding, felt it was time to get their shave on? We don't know if the three times Grammy winner and former singer of post-hardcore band From First To Last is spreading testosterone wherever he goes, but it's obvious that, apart from getting filthy rich making commercial dubstep, the influence of his haircut in the global celeb world is huge. Stars as diverse as Rihanna, R&B singer Cassie, Sporty Spice, Jada Pinkett-Smith and her girl wonder Willow, are only a few of the stars seduced by the do.

The buzz that doesn't stop

For the non-believers, those who think we're giving the Californian too much credit for this contagious trend, here are three pieces of evidence showing an almost sick obsession with EDM's King Midas haircut.

1. The tumblr page: If you liked Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber, Girls that look like Skrillex will serve you well. The maker of this absurd and addictive page, Keaton Kustler, has been compiling some absolute gems of pictures featuring happy young ladies trying to emulate Sonny's look. Does unconditional love for Sabre glasses (the Madness model has been sold out ever since he sported them at the Grammys), dilations, checked shirts, labret piercings and forearm tats really exist? Yes it does, and there's an army of girls expressing it. Skrillexia is all over the place, my friends.

2. The song: The video for “Girl, You Got Skrillex Hair” has got over 300,000 views on YouTube, and counting. Duo Electric Valentine got on their AutoTune to pay tribute to the booming hairdo on the streets and in the clubs of Los Angeles. [Note from the writer: though the video's alpha males are horrified by the thought of getting with a Skrillex hair girl, a quick study conducted by yours truly shows that girls sporting this hairdo have more possibilities of hooking up with boys. Our informer literally said: “whether they hate it or love it, they're like flies on a pile of poop”].

3. The parody: Mariah Carey? Celine Dion? Michael Bolton? Bob Dylan? At this point, we can only imagine what would happen with ten other celebs if they decided to get out the shaving machine and show the marks of childhood head wounds. BuzzFeed, even though it doesn't look very good, offers the possibility to stick Moore's hair on any photo you want to upload, so you can get an idea of what life with a Skrillex wig would be like. Would we immediately know our way around Ableton Live? Probably not, but it's great for those who are indecisive about their hair, or a fun pass-time for a rainy afternoon

Past, present and future: the origins, the pioneer, the punk seducer and the hipster queen

His hairdo may have dethroned Jennifer Aniston's influential style in “Friends” (the so-called “getting a Rachel”), but we're sorry to have to tell Sonny Moore he is in no way a capillary visionary.

His cut is much in debt to the Grebo movement, a trend originally from the West Midlands in the UK, which became fashionable among youths way before grunge and Brit-pop reared their ugly heads. In the 80s and 90s, dreads on half-shaven heads (and also high ponytails that left the neck free), checked shirts, leather jackets, loose fits, worn out jeans and salvation army clothes were part of the movement's uniform. Its soundtrack? Carter USM, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Wonder Stuff, and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.

As this article seeks to exalt the youngsters eager to show their skull, we shouldn't forget the references of the movement in the fashionista universe. On one side we have two visionaries from the pre-Skrillex era: model Alice Dellal, and the star of the Millennium Trilogy, Lisbeth Salander. While the former has been sporting a shaved head for years, being imitated by the punkest fashion victims, of the latter we prefer the Fincher version by Rooney Mara, which is much sexier. Mara's character has this dark mix of piercings, leather jackets, biker boots and sexy rawness that was so trendy in the past winter collections. From Calvin Klein in his February show to H&M (which launched a capsule collection based on her character), the influence of the hacker with the mini fringe and the asymmetrical shave have been all over the magazines worldwide.

What does the future hold for this hairstyle? For one, its instantaneous invasion of hipsterdom. Our worst fears have become reality and the threat that the trend will be multiplying to levels unheard of, is very real. Why? Chloë Sevigny, the ultimate hipster queen, the dark object of desire of aspiring hipsters, decided to get a Skrillex. The face of Miu Miu shaved her head for the cover of XOXO Magazine's September issue, in front of Casey Spooner's camera. Vidal Sassoon help us, this is going to be a long one.

Update: Grimes, TOO


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